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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bird Watching Expedition

This morning I take a later train in. I find a seat next to an older gentleman with an e-reader. I sit down and he offers to put my bags up top for me. I politely decline because I just don’t like being separated from my Tumi bags! I whip out my phone and start responding to emails and texts.

The man stops reading and looks out the window once we get to the marsh area. He turns to me and says “These are rare to see! You see those birds?” I don’t have my glasses on so I take his word for it and nod saying “What a treat to see them on our way in.”

He now thinks I am interested but really I was only being polite. “Look, there is a heron! You see that?” I don’t see the heron. Again… zero glasses and they tend to blend in with the mud anyways.  I dodge and answer with “Oh, we have heron on the lake in NH.”

“Ahhh! You see the Egrets? Aren’t they just stunning?” I look out the window. I actually see them because they are huge! “Yes! They are beautiful.” I say.

“You know…why aren’t they flying south? Are they confused? It’s getting cold!” he says.

Ensue full on conversation about bird watching. He was an adorable little old man and he reminded me very much of my grandfather. It was at that point, I threw my phone in my purse and gave him my full attention. I may not have been 100% interested in birds but he made an effort to talk to me in a nice way and that deserves my attention. Sometimes human interaction trumps technology!

Monday, September 29, 2014


Last week I was in CVS on Washington. This guy in line gets talking with me and before I know it, he is ending the conversation with an awkward hug! Well the hug may not have been awkward for him but it certainly was for me. I mean, I go to CVS expecting to be in and out of there and before I leave, a stranger is hugging me. I mean really!?! After the hug, he asked if he could take me shopping with him but I nipped that in the bud and said I had to get back to my very busy work day (Not lying actually! I really did!)

I hop on the sardine packed train this morning and who do I see? CVS Guy! He is two people down from me. I am actually grateful that it’s a S.P.T. because that means he can’t make his way over to me. I don’t have my phone out of my purse because it’s so packed so I can’t pretend to be busy so I flip around as best I can so we can’t make eye contact. When we get to State, I start making my way to the door. So does he. Clearly he works near me. UGH! I try to sneak in behind him so he can’t see me but it’s too late. He sees me and eye contact is made! SH*T SH*T SH*T! I quickly look the other way and HOPE he gets the hint that I am not interested! He did! He quickly turned the other way and headed for the other exit! FEW!! No more awkward hugging!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crotch in A*s

I know I haven’t written in a while. It’s not because I didn’t have ammo… it’s because I flat out didn’t have time. I wish I could have posted my mishaps and my new daily characters that I see on my new train. More on them another day!

Today, I board the T at North Station. It is a SPT (Sardine Packed Train)!! Big time. I make my way on and am the last one on board…well I think I am but NOPE, this guy decides that he has places to go and people to see and hops in behind me. Yup! That awkward moment when some strange guys crotch is in you’re a*s! Oh, and to make it even more awkward… he whispers in my ear “I’m sorry!” Oh yes buddy, that little “I’m sorry” made it that much more tolerable that your crotch is touching my a*s! No problem pal!

I stood there plotting my exit while I sipped my pumpkin spice coffee with my free hand. Two stops and I was free!

Happy Fall People!