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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Find Your Babysitter at a Train Station?

I am not a mother. However, the other day while at the T Station, I waited patiently for my train to arrive and I over hear a conversation.

“Excuse me? Is this the T to North Station?” asks a sweet college aged girl to anyone that would listen.
A mother with her 6 or so year old daughter responds “Yes, this will bring you to North Station.”
“Oh, thank you! I am running late for work and don’t want to get on going the wrong way.”

There is a silence for a bit and then the mother says “This may sound odd but do you babysit? I need a sitter for tomorrow.”
The young girl pauses for a second “I do baby sit. I have to work tomorrow but it’s a catering job and I usually work 15 hours and only get 100 bucks so I can see about canceling so I can baby sit. I’d rather baby sit.”
The mother is excited “Great! When can you let me know for sure?”

The train comes and we all board.

“What’s your number? I’ll call you as soon as I know?” says the young babysitter.
The woman gives the baby sitter her digits and then says “Please let me know tonight. The sooner the better because otherwise I’ll have to make other arrangements.”

The kid is just looking back and forth between mother and new babysitter.

“I am glad we met. I’m a good judge of character and I think you’ll be great.” Says the mother to her new baby sitter as the train arrives at North Station and we get off the train.

So, I know there are good people in this world but I really don’t know that I would find a babysitter in the train station and then “interview” her on the T while riding two stops together and then hiring her for the very next day. I just don’t know… but then again, I’m not a mother.
Picture courtesy of DaftDaddy

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today, I'm Sharing

Today I am sharing with you a blog that I stumbled upon and thought was just great. It's a guide to Boston subways. The sarcasm is perfectly executed and if you ride the T ... ever... you will get a kick out of this Blog Post from Suldog. (Click Below)

a Guide to Boston Subway

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gephyrophobia- Fear of Bridges!

According to wikipedia, Gephyrophobia is an anxiety disorder brought about by the fear of bridges.

I have that! I am not horrified completely of bridges but if I am driving, I will drive extra fast over a bridge because I hate the thought of plummeting in my car into a ravine or water! So, my theory is that if I drive fast, there is less time on the bridge for error! (I know driving fast is not the answer though)

Yesterday, as we are leaving North Station on the commuter rail, we have to go over the bridge that is over the Charles. I go over this twice a day and try not to think about how the train could fall into the Charles. I burry my head in my book or update myself with my friends Facebook feeds and before I know it, I’m over the bridge and didn’t even know we crossed it. Yesterday was another story. I had my head buried in a book…for a while. I hear over the loud speaker that we are having problems with our “Ay-ah” (For you non-Bostonians, that’s Air). I look up from my book and look around. We are stopped dead on the bridge. I also make the realization that the air conditioning is on and blowing cool air so why on earth did we stop the train for 15 minutes… on a bridge due to “Ay-ah” problems.

Well, when they say “Ay-ah” it’s the “Ay-ah Brakes”. As in, we don’t have brakes to stop the train! Awesome! As we wait, other trains are coming by in the other lane and shaking the entire bridge. It’s not making me feel “sturdy” or “safe”.  We sit a little longer and then have to go back to North Station and change trains. We disembark the train and were directed to track number five. However, we get to track number five and there is no train buuut there is a train at track number six! Everyone starts getting on the train on track six. I have learned my lesson and don’t get on trains unless I know 100% where they are going so I stop to ask the conductor. This conductor is busy calming down a woman who was either robbed or lost something very important to her. So, I wait…and wait… and wait! There is a hand full of people waiting with me to verify the train’s destination. The rest of the group is just following like cattle on to the train. Finally, they get the lost item issue squared away and the train is verified. When I get on the train, the people that saw me standing by the conductor are coming up to me asking “Train to Lowell right?”

We finally all get seating and the woman comes over the loud speaker and tells us that our once express train is no longer an express train and will have to make stops at all the stops because we are now behind the train that makes all the stops. She also announces we have a problem with the “Ay-ah” and this time it was the A/C! It decided to blow hot air instead of cool air. It’s 82 degrees out, everyone is packed in and sweaty after a long day. No one is smelling pretty and now hot “Ay-ah” is being blown on us. Great!

We finally hit all the stops. No one get’s on or off at any of the stops until Anderson-Woburn! Finally, 82 degree’s feels cool to me and I’m off the train and ready to head home. What a long day! Who knew both of my trains coming home would have “Ay-ah” problems?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cop a Feel Guy

Last night heading home, I had to make the 5:10pm train. There were no if, and's or buts about it. I had to make it! When the T pulled into State, it was packed but I had to get on because it was 5pm and if I waited for the next one, well, I didn't make the 5:10pm train out of North Station and I would have been screwed!

People pile out of the train at State which gives me hope that I will get on this T. Once everyone is out, I start boarding with the rest of the people with places to go and people to see. I pack my way on to that T and this one guy says to me "I'm not coppin' a feel." I flip around and look at him. He throws his hands up in the air and continues "See! My hands are up here! I just have to catch a bus and if I don't get on now, I'll miss it." I laughed. Usually on a sardine packed train, anything goes. You don't care who is touching you. You are just happy you made it on the T.

"No worries. I have to catch a train at 5:10. I know the feeling." Another guy chimes in. "I have to be at class in 10 minutes and I have a 10 minute walk ahead of me once I get off the train." As we are talking, people are still piling in and squishing us.

It's amazing what you put up with when you have to be some where. Each one of us had to be some where and were willing to pack on in and be cozy to complete strangers for 5 minutes in order to get there.

Cop-a-Feel guy made his bus, I made my train and I am assuming the School Boy got to class on time.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dash to the Train with a Cat Carrier!

This morning as I am getting off at State, I see a woman frantically making a dash for the train. This woman is carrying a cat carrier with a sweet little kitty inside.

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I am not a fan of cats. The whole litter box thing is just nasty to me and I'm allergic. Anyway, as I am a serial mad dasher in the mornings to catch my train, I know how jostled things get when you're running. My coffee splashes everywhere and if I'm lucky, I am wearing dark clothing so the coffee splashes don't show all day (Tide to go and Shout wipes often do the trick too).

So, needless to say, POOR FREAKIN' KITTY! Even though I am not a fan of cats, my heart went out to this poor cat who was jostled around in it's pet carrier while it's owner ran to catch the Orange line. That cat will NEVER want to get in a carrier again!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

Wow! This morning was crazy in the rain. I left my house with no rain and by the time I got to the train, it was torrential down pours with some thunder and lightning. Absolutely soaked from the knees down. We all hovered underneath the over hang until the train arrived. When the train arrived, we all took turns running into the train car. Even though we had umbrella's this wasn't the kind of rain you could close your umbrella before entering so getting on the train was a little awkward as we had to board and close umbrella's on the train.

The ride in wasn't bad or soggy. However, going from Commuter Rail to the T and the T to the office, my goodness was it bad. The T was so soaked by all the umbrella's dripping on the floor that people were sliding all over the place when we went around corners or stopped. Luckily, I got a seat which never happens. So, I got to kick back and watch everyone else try to maintain their balance. One woman was instructing people to get into Ballet's second position to keep from slipping. Another recommending riding the T like it was a surf board. Crafty ways to stay upright on the T for sure.

So, stay dry my friends. I am hoping the rain stops by 5pm this afternoon! Crossing my fingers!!

And for the record, I'm not being a cry baby about this morning, granted, I didn't go to this station but the rain and puddles were insane. Check out this link:

Train Station under water!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cranky A*s People!

Great start to my Tuesday. (Another bit of sarcasm!)

Commuter Rail- This woman gets on and is on her mobile in a brash unfriendly voice “Johnny! Did you feed the bunny this morning? I don’t even know if it has water.” “Johnny! No, this can not wait! The bunny needs water.” “Thanks.” She starts in on poor Johnny again. “Johnny! Did you walk the dogs after I left? This is important! You need to walk them at least around the block! This is part of dog ownership! Strap on your sneakers and throw the leashes on them and get out there.” Long pause. “Johnny, you have to go now! Otherwise it will get too hot out.” Pause. “If you don’t go now, I will stalk you all morning until you do.” Pause. “No you can not go back to bed and do it later. Do it now. I will keep calling until you go and you won’t be able to go back to sleep!”

Wow!! Could you imagine if she was your mom… or wife? I couldn’t tell if Johnny was a teenager, a kid or a husband.

Getting on the T- It is crowded this morning. I mean there is room for maybe three people to get on the T in the car I’m lined up for. I was the second person in line and this large woman with her cheap looking luggage cuts in front of me. It rubbed me the wrong way but whatever, I got on the T anyways. I squished in right next to her. I was holding my coffee in one hand and my purse and back pack in the other. She looks at my coffee and goes “Don’t you DARE get that on me!” In the nicest kill ‘em with kindness voice and my best b*tch please smile slapped on my face that I had, I replied “One of the first times I was on the T, someone spilled hot coffee on me. I am very careful because I know how irritating it is, hot coffee on your shirt, on your skin, having to buy another shirt. I will not get coffee on you.” She replies with a scowl on her face “I’m glad we cleared that up then.”

I would love to know why people are just so darn hostile these days but, I guess if they weren’t hostile, I’d have nothing to write about…

Monday, August 13, 2012

Double Decker-Slash-Quiet Car-Slash-Sauna

Today I  had the pleasure of riding in on the top of the double decker commuter train car. I love the double decker because I can see much more than I usually see. However, on the double decker today it wasn't as pleasant as it usually it. The electricity must have gone out and I had the pleasure of riding on the double decker-slash-quiet car-slash-sauna. It was great! (Sarcasm)

Then we arrived at North Station and I hopped on the T. When we pulled into Haymarket, a few got off and the door shut quickly. A woman running up the steps to the platform is screaming for someone to hold the door. Not one person feels bad for her enough to hold the door. There was plenty of room (and by that I mean, she could have squeezed on the already sardine packed train). The doors close and she starts slamming on them like a baboon! Thank god the doors didn't reopen as they sometimes do because I am pretty sure we would have been in for it, had they opened and allowed her on.

Happy Monday! I hope my commute home is smoother than this... but I doubt it....

Friday, August 10, 2012

Extra Punches on The Punch Card

Last month I wasn't going to be using the Commuter Rail for 2 weeks so instead of purchasing a monthly pass, I opted for the 12 whole punch card. I bought two of them at the end of June to get me through July. I knew I had exactly enough rides to get me through the month of July. Surprisingly at the end of July, I had 5 rides left on my punch card. Not because I didn't ride the commuter rail as much as I had anticipated, because the myth was true! If the conductor is feeling generous, he or she will punch your card in an already existing whole to give the illusion that the card was punched. However, not punching out another whole which gets you... a free ride! I was somewhat excited when I realized that over the course of 24 rides in and out of the city, I earned myself 5 freebies. Then, that excitement was squashed since because it dawned on me that this is why the fares are raised... because people get freebies. I have to assume, I'm not the only lucky one to get a free ride because I hear the myth all the time. I also realized that I buy a monthly pass so I pay my fair share here so, with the monthly pass, I don't get a freebie. So, as much as I liked getting the free ride, I'd rather the conductors crack down and not give out so many freebies because this is one of the many reasons why we now have to pay what we pay for the train, T and bus now. Otherwise, I just might start gambling and getting the new 10 ride pass and see how far it gets me instead of my monthlies. Just sayin'...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Plymouth and Brockton Magnifying Glass Lady

Tonight I am heading to the Cape for a girl friends 30th birthday! I have never taken the bus to the Cape before so on my lunch break, I went to South Station to figure it out so I don’t have to figure it out at 5pm when everyone else is hustling and bustling around.

I get to South Station and head down long corridors to get to the Bus section of the station. I finally find the Plymouth and Brockton counter and wait patiently in line. The woman behind the counter is taking forever. The guy in front of me is playing with the one cigarette he probably has to his name that is tucked behind his ear for safe keeping. This guy is also carrying his prized possessions in a black trash bag and is fidgeting nervously. It was 2pm and I am assuming he needed to catch the 2:15pm bus.

The woman behind me starts talking. I have no idea she is talking to me. “This lady is crazy. She doesn’t belong here! She sits there with her stupid magnifying glass.” I don’t respond. “You know, I had to come here on my break because I knew she was working today and I just wouldn’t have time to get a ticket and catch the bus.”

Now I turn back. She WAS talking to me. “There is nothing worse than having to run for the bus… or the train after a long day at work.” Apparently I have egged her on.

“This lady shouldn’t work here. She is chatty to everyone and can’t see and all everyone wants to do is get their ticket and get goin’.”

It was finally my turn and this lady whips out a magnifying glass to read my credit card. I had to laugh. The lady behind the counter was a nice old lady who just wanted to chat and was blind as a bat. She processed my ticket quickly and I was on my way.

It’s funny how people pick up on the quirks of others. I definitely do but it was nice to see that others pick up on that stuff like I do… I just get to blog about it.

I’m off to the Cape!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Aunties Project

I found this quite interesting to see. After all, I ride the T every day and have wondered how these tunnels are created and what kind of effort goes into creating them. Here's a little video that I enjoyed. My Aunt is working on this project in NYC to help make the Second Avenue Subway happen. Take a look:

Second Avenue Subway

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Woman Tries to Board Escalator with Scooter!

Here's a lovely gem I missed while I was gone. Check out this video:

Woman tries to board escalator with scooter!

First of all, I know for sure there is a warning not to take strollers on the escalator so what on earth would make someone think that they'd get to the top of the stairs safely in a motorized scooter. Some people's stupidity blows my mind sometimes.

Have a great day my friends!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Drunk Growly Guy

I have been very busy lately. So, forgive me for not hopping on here to report my silly train stories.

A few days back, Shape Ups Chick sat next to me. It was kind of awkward. I did look down at her feet and she had, to my relief, stylish sandals on. Go Shape Ups Chick you made my day. I did however; find out something else about Shape Ups Chick. She is a germaphobe for sure! She sat down and whipped out an antibacterial wipe and wiped down her hands and arms. I thought it was a good idea because when you get on the commuter rail, you most likely have been stuck on the T to get there packed in like a sardine. So, I didn’t blame her. A few minutes go by and she hasn’t touched anything, she whips out another wipe and wipes herself down again. About ten minutes go by and she whips out another wipe and repeats the wipe down process. I had no idea Shape Ups chick was also a germaphobe.

Last night was a fun ride home, in the seat across from me there was a little girl fascinated with a mechanical tooth brush. The kid kept turning it on for long lengths of time. First of all, who lets their kid have their tooth brush on the train? If that kid accidentally touches the tooth brush to anything, it’s all over! The mother kept yelling at the kid to turn it off because she’d “wear out the batteries” and if the batteries died she’d “have to buy a new one.” Um, or if the kid touches that tooth brush to anything train related, it’s of no use in my book but this mother wasn’t worried about the germs or other peoples sanity (Do you know how annoying a mechanical tooth brush is when it’s buzzing next to you?)

This kid however; was not as annoying as the crazy drunk guy behind me though. I hear a drunk growly voice say “Do you know why Jesus hates you?” No one answers so he repeats himself. The poor guy next to him replies “I do not!” Drunk growly guy replies “Because you have sex. That’s right he hates you because you have sex.” The guy says “But I’m married.” And drunk growly guy replies “Jesus doesn’t care and he has no place for you. So where are you gonna go now?” the nice guy in the seat is stumped. He doesn’t say anything. Drunk growly guy starts getting louder “Where you gonna go now? You chose to have sex so Jesus doesn’t have a place for you!”

Please keep in mind this is an express train so it by passes multiple stops and you’re stuck on this train for at least 25 minutes. One woman around us gets up and walks to the front of the train after he starts drunk yelling. The nice guy talking to drunk growly guy replies meekly “I just don’t know.”

“Well you have to figure it out because I’m saved and you’re not so he has a place for me. Ya, that’s right. I’m saved. Jesus loves me but he…. Hates…!!!”

ANDERSON WOBURN!!” screams the conductor!

And we’re all saved by the conductor and are free to go.