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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Welcome Back To Boston Honey!

My boyfriend had an appointment in the city so we decided he’d take the train in with me in the morning. My CEO is in town today so I needed to catch the early train. We may have hit snooze a few times and may have let the dog take her time sniffing 500 million things on our morning walk. When we got home we ran around frantically getting ready and rushed so we could catch that earlier train that I just HAAAAD to make. The poor guy hardly got in a good shave, was forced to use my Keurig instead of the coffee maker and wound up with one of my foo foo vanilla latte sweet coffees…and to boot, I did laundry last night and set his Armani sweater out to dry not realizing he’d like to wear it today and he had to throw on an almost dry Armani sweater as we dashed out the door.

We make it to the train platform on time and wait for the train as we sip our foo foo coffees. As the train conductor rolls in he says “Good morning!” to us as he passes by in the open door that we are about to board. He then says “We have no electricity.” I think I hear him wrong and then he says it again! Yup! Zero electricity!

As we board, I think we have a shot at finding seats together since the MBTA has been smooth sailing since it got out of its winter slump. HA! I was way wrong. Not only do we not find seats together…we don’t find seats at all! Turns out the train ahead of us was canceled so there are two train loads of people on this thing and it’s standing room only!

So now, we stand there with our foo foo coffees in the aisle…in the dark…as the train car slowly becomes a sauna.

We got to North Station and decided against taking the T and walked the rest of the way. Later on, I realized that the conductor never came through to check tickets soooo at least his awesome re-introductory train ride was complimentary.

Welcome back to Boston Honey!

P.S. My CEO never made it to town and I didn’t have to be in the office  early after all! OY Vey!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oooh! I Saw Him Again

I saw him! I saw the guy that smashed my foot! You may recall from last weeks post:
He was about 20 feet away from me though. I noticed him because a woman shrieked “OUCH!”

Obviously when you are on the train and someone hears “Ouch!” you look. So I flipped around to see what was going on. I saw this large man pinned up against her on one side and a pole on the other side of her. “I’m so sorry!” he said as he threw himself off of her.

She basically brushed it off like I did and told him not to worry about it and that is when I recognized him. “Well, this guy doesn’t know how to balance very well.” I thought. THEN, I see him take his beanie hat off and put it between his hand and the pole. Is this guy a certifiable “What-about-Bob” kind of germaphobe? Is that why he is going around bashing innocent bystanders because he doesn’t want to touch germs to maintain balance? What a dick! Carry some antibac and get the f*ck over it buddy!

I wish I was standing closer to him so I could have said something! However, when you are 20 feet away and start screaming at a stranger, then you become the crazy one, soooo I held off!