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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dreaded Middle Seat

I get on the train and it is packed but I need a seat so I sit in the only one available… the dreaded middle seat of the three seater!

As we are approaching North Station, the woman to the right of me stands in her seat and puts her rain trench on by whipping it around which smacks me in the face! Don’t worry lady…red, freshly smacked face was precisely the look I was going for this morning! After I sooth my face from being hit, the guy to the left of me decides he wants to put his hair in a man bun. In the process, his dandruff flakes fly off his head and onto the lid of my to-go coffee mug. Don’t worry buddy, I didn’t really want the rest of my coffee anyways!

And with that my friends, I wish you a happy hump day! We are almost to Friday! 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Moth Balls and No Heat!

This morning was about 20 degrees out! The train arrived about 8 minutes late but that’s not horrible on a day like today. I was completely expecting it to be much later because of the snow, ice and temperature. So, only 8 minutes behind is not bad. Yay! We are in good shape!
I get on the train and there are no lights on…which also means, the heat is not on either. I remove my sunglasses so that I can actually see on the train and not walk into people (I say this as I was behind a blind woman this morning…I’m going to hell, I know!)
I finally find a seat and get situated only to smell moth balls! WHO… IN THE YEAR OF 2017 uses moth balls?!? I would like to know AND we are well into winter where that fresh out-of-the-closet-moth-ball-scent should fekking be gone by now! Just saying!!
So, while I suffer in no heat and moth ball scent (I hope to GOD, that smell didn’t rub off on me!!), I see out of the corner of my eye a man’s hand going up and down, up and down. I think the worst as I try to calmly sip my tea. It continues so I give a death glare over his way. Come to find out, it was not the worst! (Thank god!!) He was just rubbing his hands together to keep them warm in our no heat situation!
Once we arrive at North Station, we all pile out of the train on to the platform and since I already have a chill and am cranky from moth ball smell, I am less than forgiving to the jerk that bumps into me and then stares at me all bewildered. I give my mean eyes again and I thought that I thought this in my head but nope… I said it out loud “Don’t looook at meee!” he looks down on the ground without saying anything and I continue on my way sipping my tea and trying to regain a better mood.

NOTE: Since I have warmed up and have confirmed moth ball scent has not traveled with me, I am in good shape and happier! SO YAY for that!!