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Thursday, March 29, 2012

“You get closer to people on the train than you will in any other setting.”

“You get closer to people on the train than you will in any other setting.” I over hear on the platform knowing full well that I am not getting on the train I see before me. “Some woman just did a face plant into a perfect stranger and doesn’t even care.” The girl behind me continues to her friend.

“Ya, you’d never see that in any other setting. Not even a night club!” her friend replies.

The train leaves and we wait for the next train which is usually far less crowded than the first train that comes through. The two of them go back and forth with small talk and finally the next train pulls in.

This train has ample room compared to the previous one. However, it was still packed. We all hop on the train with arm room, which means we aren’t packed in like little sardines. We get situated and head out of North Station. The pair of friends start giggling uncontrollably at what I assume is just them seeing validation to their previous comments as we are packed in but not too packed in. People are looking at them like they are on something. Some, who may have a low self esteem, give them death glares. Their giggling was infectious to me and made my morning! Most people get cranky on the train but to be able to laugh at it and accept it as a way of life, is comforting.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The MBTA is not Southwest!

I got on the commuter rail this morning and this guy in a three seater in the front row is sitting smack dab in the middle of the seat! My immediate thought was “Buddy, this isn’t Southwest!” Ya know the old Southwest drill, you check in online the second you get the email that you can and hope that you are in zone A. The following day you board the flight, sit in the middle seat, put your Bose headphones on and hope that no one has the guts to interrupt you to ask if the seats on either side of you are taken.

Eventually someone asked him to move in but I hadn’t seen the Southwest drill on the train ever. This guy must travel a lot and enjoys his personal bubble. I don’t think I could ever get away with that on the train. However, on Southwest, I have pulled that maneuver before.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Girl Changes on the Train!

I thought I had seen it all on the train. However, the Brookline Selectwoman Jesse Mermell recently tweeted “New MBTA experience: Woman across from me changing her whole outfit on the train, including stockings. I'm torn between being appalled & impressed. I didn't have room to tweet about the full body lotion application. It was intense. No towel. Not even close. And there was extensive lotion application.”
Train Etiquette Tip #15:
OK People, you can’t get changed on the T! Period! End of story! Although this is in a way impressive, people do not need to see you changing and applying body lotion.
I will admit I changed while in the driver seat of my vehicle at a stop light once. However, aside from my arms, nothing was visible to the other drivers/cars around me. (And I did not attempt body lotion application!)
(Picture from

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hot Mess!

Every night as I head into the train station,  I check the board to see what track I need to head to. Once The board displays my track number, I head the the track but before I enter onto the platform, I make sure that the screen says Lowell. Then, usually I recognize the conductor and he's usually screaming "Express train to Lowell". Once I have passed all those things, it is safe to say that's the train I need to be on. I hop on board and find a seat, grab my book and am good to go.

Once we depart North Station the loud speaker says "This is the train to Haverhill making the following station stops..." The entire train car is in a panic! We are all expecting to be heading to Lowel! What the??? There is no conducter in our train car so we sit in panic mode until a conductor enters and screams "This IS the train to Lowell. You can stop panicing!" Thank goodness we were all on the right train. I have gotten on the wrong train before and it is not fun. However, when I was on the wrong train, I got off at the first stop after I realized I wasn't heading in the right direction, walked into the first bar I saw and waited for my ride to come get me. What do you do when you get on the wrong train? Order yourself a martini that's called "A Hot Mess"... which was rather delish by the way!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Which T line best describes you?

I am:

Silver Line


You are trendy, always ahead of the curve in terms of fashion, food, and Boston’s fledgling nightlife scene. The silver line is the newest of the MBTA lines and represents a transforming Boston. It connects hot spots such as the up-and-coming South Boston waterfront and the South End’s posh restaurant scene. Your friends look to you when it comes to making plans for the night.

Click the link below and find out which one best describes you!

Which MBTA Line Best Describes You?

Shecky's Girls Night Out!

Last night after work I went over to Shecky’s Girls Night Out! I had been before and was so excited to go. You buy your ticket, arrive and it is sheer girliness. Cocktails, goodie bags, make up, jewelry… ultimate girl time! In order to get there I had to change up my normal train routine. I had the pleasure of taking the Green Line! I walked to Haymarket and hopped on the Green E line and got off at Copley to meet a friend and walk over to Tremont.

Well, this Green Line, let me tell ya… It took me 20 minutes to go five stops. First of all, the trolley was so slow and then in the middle of the tunnel it goes dead and the lights go out. Then they go back on and we are creeping through the tunnel again. We get to a stop, people get on and then the lights go out again. Slowest T line I’ve been on yet. It also didn’t help that I was sitting next to a woman who had the absolute worst breath and the worst part about it was that she had no idea. She kept breathing with her mouth open. Yuck!

I finally get to Copley and head up the stairs to meet my friend and walk to Shecky’s. We chit chat about our crazy days in the city as we stroll through the amazing brown stones. We finally arrive at Shecky’s and meet up with three more girls. We all look great and we head inside! Sake cocktails, goodie bags and jewelry are everywhere! Oh, and chocolate cupcakes that are to die for! I picked up some Dolce sunglasses and a cute summer dress. I also took away from this girls night out, many fashionable idea’s that I can incorporate in my wardrobe with things I already have.

After we perused Shecky’s we all declared we were starving. We tried getting into a chic little restaurant. However, it is restaurant week and there was an hour and a half wait. That wasn’t going to work so we found a pizza place across the street, grabbed mozzarella sticks and cannoli’s, snagged a seat outside and giggled and laughed while we nibbled our nutritious (sarcasm) dinner.

Top notch night and much needed for all of us. Thanks Girls for a fabulous evening in Boston.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrill of the Hunt-Closing Bell

This morning was beautiful! It is March 22nd and I threw on a wind breaker to walk my dog at 6am. I am generally in a winter jacket in the mornings until at least June! When I got back from walking my dog, I checked my facebook and saw many friends trotting off to the beach today. I thought it was great. Good for them! I wish I was going to the beach but I’m not, I’m heading into work just like everyone else in the city was going to do right? Wrong!

I pulled into the parking lot at the train station and I got a great spot! Then I await the train and there is hardly anyone on the platform. However, that’s normal because people wait inside until the train comes. Then I though “Why on earth would these people wait in side when it is this nice out?” The train pulls in and I hop on. There are empty seats! I got a seat all to myself. Through out the 7 or so stops I remained by myself reading my book. I heard as people walked down the aisle that generally don’t even get seats say “Everyone’s playin’ hooky! They are all at the beach! I could get used to this.”

Once I got to North Station, I quickly got to the T platform in record time. There weren’t crowds of herded people to cut through. The T pulls in and there is hardly anyone on it. It feels like a ghost town. There is no hustle and bustle. It’s just a few people heading into work instead of doing what everyone else was doing, going to the beach.

Once I got to my office I was assured I did the right thing. Everyone was here who wasn’t traveling and then I didn’t feel so left out for not going to the beach. Today has been a busy day and there is the hustle and bustle of deals closing all around me. The heart of the office…. What I live for! It’s so great when the company closes a deal and I am here to witness it. Sometimes the thrill of the close and the thrill of the hunt can offset the beach any day.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Steal Toed Shoes For Flip Flop Season

Spring is upon us and so is flip flop season. However, I will not be sporting fashionable flip flops during my train commuting. I will be wearing fashionable rubber toed or close toed kicks and here’s why:

Last year was my first year as a train commuter. Once flip flop season arrived, I’d kick off my stiletto’s and throw my flip flops on for the commute home. A few days into wearing flip flops I was pulling into North Station on the T very close to the departure of a few commuter rail trains. The T stopped and opened the doors and it was like running of the bulls. People charged out of the T and to the escalator. When I got on the escalator I realized I wasn’t able to sprint in flip flops so I walked up the right side. The slow people or people not climbing up the escalator generally stay to the right while the sprinters are on the left. Well, one guy decided that the left side wasn’t moving fast enough so he decided to go around on the right side. The only problem was that I was on the right side in his way. He grabbed my back pack and pulled me back. I lost my balance because at that time I was also trying to take a step up. My footing was off and as I tried to catch my balance, my foot got caught in the escalator mangling my freshly pedicured toes.  

My toes hurt so badly that I limped to my train. No idiot was going to make me miss it. I got to the platform at exactly 5:10 which is exactly when the train is set to leave. Luckily, the conductor liked me and saw me limping down the platform. He held the train while I made my way. So, basically if I limped to my train and made it by the skin of my teeth, this guy had no reason to be shoving! That night I went out in search of steal toed shoes! My fiancĂ© told me that I was over reacting so we settled on cute rubber toed shoes instead. I will never wear flip flops during the trains’ rush hour again. I may wear flip flops on the weekend or during the day when no one is around to push me but never during rush hour because it took nearly all spring and summer for my toes and nails to fully recover.

So that being said, ladies- I see your flip flops and how adorable they are. However, I worry for your feet and I hope you little tootsies never experience what mine did.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Blind Leading the Blind

A few days ago I saw the most heart warming thing on the Orange line. I stood on the platform waiting for my train. I noticed a college girl with a back pack the size of her strapped to her back. I also noticed a man with a seeing eye dog to the left of her. Our train came in and was packed. I didn’t make it on the train and neither did they. The train pulls away and we wait.

“Why didn’t you even try to get on that train?” The girls asks the blind guy.
“I could tell by the sound of the train that it had too many people already in it. I can’t cram on with my dog so I will wait.” He says.
“You can tell by the sound?” She is baffled.
“Yes, the weight of the train makes different noises. You can tell when one is bogged down and one isn’t. I bet we get on the next one.”
“Oh!” She is still baffled.
“Where are you headed?” he asks her.
“I am trying to get to South Station. I hope I’m on the right track.”
“You’re not from around here?” he asks.
“No, I am trying to get from my college in Maine to my parents in New Jersey.”
“Well, I am heading that way. Follow me.”
“Follow you?”
“I know exactly where you need to go and am probably the best person to get you there. If I don’t know where I am going, I become lost in the dark!”
“You have a point. I appreciate it!”

The train pulls in to North Station and he says “We’ll get on this one. This one sounds light.” Low and behold it was!! It was practically empty. We all board the train and she is standing on the right side of the train. He grabs a hold of her arm and says “You will want to stand over here. We need to get off on this side. It’s easier to already be on the side of the train you need to get off of. Now we count three stops.” She looks up on the board and counts off three stops. “We get off at Down Town Crossing?” she asks. He replies “Yes. That’s exactly where we need to get off.”

While they are chit chatting, his dog pulls himself over to a woman standing on the train. This woman didn’t say a word. She just bent down to pet the dog. The blind guy turns in her direction and says “You must be a woman. He’s got a thing for the ladies.” The woman laughs and says “I am. You know your dog well.”

This man was amazing. He could tell by the sound of the train whether he can get on or not. He knew the side of the train he needed to get off of, he knew the stops by count not by name. For a blind person to guide an able bodied person around the city was absolutely amazing to me and I thought it was the best because he was more in tune with the T system than any one I know.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day in Beantown!

So, you know you are getting off the T in the financial district when the people behind you are calculating their Irish-ness. I over hear a man say “My sister said that we are fifteen sixteenths Irish. So, I guess that would make me roughly 94% Irish! Ok, a little under 94%.”  

Happy St. Patty’s in Beantown everyone!! I know I will be celebrating the Murphy, Begley, Cullen and Gallagher in me!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is in the Air and so is Flirting!

Spring is in the air and people are flirting! Ok Ok…  it’s just the ladies flirting on the trains these last couple of days. However, ladies listen up! You are never going to get a man if you act so darn desperate!!

Example one: Yesterday as I am getting off the commuter rail I over hear a woman behind me saying “It was great chatting with you on the ride in. We should grab lunch sometime.” I thought to myself, this lady is great. Straight forward and says what she wants. The guy replies “That would be great.” He should have replied with some question regarding how he could get in contact with her but he didn’t so she offers up her contact info. “Get your phone. I’ll give you my number.” She starts rattling off her number and then says “Well, if I’m at work, I don’t always get to that phone so I’ll give you my desk line too.” Rattles that number off too and then says “Although, I’m not always at my desk so I’ll give you my work mobile number too.” Rattles that one off as well. Within a minute she gave this guy three ways to get in touch with her! Come on. Ya gotta play a little hard to get otherwise he isn’t calling any of those phone lines.

Example two: A girl sits down next to a guy on the train. The guy strikes up a conversation with the girl and leads it with “I get my license back soon and I won’t have to ride the train in anymore!” As if he is embarrassed to be riding the train. She says that the train isn’t as bad as he thinks and then he says that he is always so bored on the train. She responds with “Let's trade numbers. You can text me if you need a ride into the city and we can ride in together.” WHAT? REALLY? This guys opening line tells you that he is a loser with no license and you ask for his number so you can cart his dumb a*s into the city?

Ladies, raise those standards! This is why we constantly get walked all over. Have you ever read the book He's Just Not That Into You (PS read the book. Way better than the movie)? This is exactly that. If a guy is interested, he will track you down. He will find you! Yes, suggest doing lunch sometime but do not by any means give him three different numbers! Yes, you may think this guy is cute but he opens with the fact that he doesn’t have a license and you respond by offering rides to him. No, No! You have to let him do something for you. Let him work for it. It’s the thrill of the hunt girls! Dress all cute and be all springy but don’t put yourself out there with all that desperation!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Work Out

Girl About The Train Work Out

I have recently seen an article  stating that with the fare hikes and service cuts, more people will turn to commuting in their vehicles causing more death and obesity. Death, I am not too sure since I haven’t witness that one. However, obesity is believable. I am not over weight by any means. If you ask my doctor I am under weight (but I am under weight according to the national “average”). I think my weight is just right for me. I started commuting into the city on the commuter rail 10 pounds ago… as in, I weighed 10 pounds more than I do now. I will share with you, the commuter girl work out!

Wake up and briskly walk dog for one mile. This wakes me up and gives me great bonding time with my little pup (OK big pup! She isn’t a pocket dog by any means)!

I get back to my place; get ready for work, head out the door and drive to the train station. Upon arrival at the train station, I park at the far end of the parking lot. Mainly because I don’t want anyone slamming their doors into my doors!

If you are like me, you push your luck! I do every day!! I see the train approaching and I sprint from the far end of the parking lot, sprint up a flight of stairs, over the over pass and down a flight of stairs. This gets the heart going. It also makes your coffee shaken and not stirred. However, I prefer my beverages shaken so this works for me! Martini’s anyone?

I get to rest on the commuter rail in route to North Station. Then, once at North Station, I head to the T. I walk in and have two options, escalator or stairs. I always take the stairs. Even though you’re going down, it’s helpful cardio.

Once I board the T, I am usually packed in like a sardine. I firm up my abs so that I can maintain my balance during the stop, go and turns of the T ride. (Kinda like surfing)

When I get to my stop, I disembark the train and walk the few blocks to my office in a brisk fashion.

Reverse for commute home. Although, when I get to Anderson-Woburn, I don’t run to my vehicle! I don’t want people to think I’m crazy!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's Your Number?

I have recently seen What's Your Number with Anna Faris! Oh my goodness, if you are a girl about Boston, you  need to see this movie!! If you haven't already seen it, snag yourself a copy at Redbox . In one of the very beginning scenes, Anna is on the T desperately trying to get to work. I recognize that it's the Orange line, the line I ride every day! When they show her popping out of the subway, she emerges from the State Street entry way which is the entry way that I come out of on my way to work and go in on my way home. I knew, I was in for a great movie since I could relate to so many of the landmarks! Aside from the landmarks, this movie is hysterical! So, run to Redbox (No excuses, there is one in North Station and South Station my fellow commuter railers) and watch it because I absolutely loved it!!

What's Your Number Trailer

Crazy Red Line Chick FOUND!!

I figured I'd update you all...The Crazy Red Line Chick has been found!! She came forward to tell her side of the story (Click Here for her side). She feels badly for what she has done and wishes to apologize. Originally the victim on the Red Line was not going to press charges. However, now he has changed his mind and will be pressing charges. My heart kinda goes out to the girl. She has had a rough go of it but there is no excuse for hitting another human being.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Girl Goes Crazy on The T!

So, this is worth signing into your youtube account for (to verify age since there is foul language!)

This happened on the Red Line over the weekend!

Girl Goes Crazy on the T!

Case of the Mondays

Today was a rather refreshing start! It could have been day light savings time or a lot of people could have had a case of the Mondays. Either way the train was full of people I don't generally see and missing a whole bunch of people that I normally see (Chef Boyardee didn't have a case of the Mondays and wasn't phased by day light savings time because he was there with his Chef Boyardee and Kindle as usual). The train had a quiet feel about it this morning and I got a seat all to myself for a while (this is rare). I started a new book this morning and it was perfectly quiet so I could concentrate!

When I got to North Station it was the normal hustle and bustle of the station but once I got to the T, I hopped on the first train that came through and wasn't in my normal sardine packed state. It was pretty nice. I also got to wear my new "commuter shoes" instead of my usual "commuter boots".

New book and new shoes, spring is almost here I can feel it!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

MBTA Crack's Down...For One Day!

Last night as I ran to the 5:30pm train to Lowell carrying my bags from Haymarket along with my purse and back pack; I was frantically trying to get my pass out to show the conductor. After all, they would be checking them before I board and after I board right? Wrong!!

I blew right by the conductors waiting at the front of the train where they usually wait for the train to be "All Aboard". No one checked my pass prior to boarding. Was this just something that they were enforcing for one day? Was it a surprise security check? Or were they just being lazy? Who knows.

As much of a pain in the butt it was for me to have to get out my pass twice, I really thought it was a good idea. I feel some people do get on the train with no money and it's unfortunate. Especially if it's an express train to exactly where they need to go! First stop to kick them out at is the stop they need. Funny how that works.

I hope MBTA steps into high gear on cracking down because it's the honest people that get screwed on these fair hikes and it won't phase the dishonest people one bit.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, March 9, 2012

"Did you just grab my A*S?" - Mr. Zadir Night at the Roxbury

So, last night was fun (and when I say fun I mean, what a mess)! Now that the MBTA is cracking down of freeloading riders, we now have to display our ticket to the conductor prior to boarding. We also have to keep it out after we board to show the conductor one more time. I think it’s great that they are cutting down on the freebee rides. However, at the end of the day when you are trying to get hundreds of people on a commuter rail, it is a cluster-mess!

I have a feeling if this continues on like this, I will lose my pass. I’ll drop it or forget it or miss place it trying to get myself situated on the train. There has got to be a better way. I’ll have to get one of those wallets that displays my card in a window or something because I know myself, I will lose it and like I have said in previous posts, I can either rebuy my ticket or buy a pair of shoes each month… I am going to have to keep track of that sucker otherwise I will not be getting new shoes any time soon!

On a lighter note: This morning was a cold morning and people were packing on to the T like usual. Gentle Giant piled in behind me and we rode like little sardines to Haymarket. Once we were at Haymarket, Gentle Giant got off the train to allow passengers off and got back on. One woman behind him was determined to get on and squished him right on top of me. When the train took off, he lost his balance and inadvertently grabbed my a*s! The second he realized where his hand was he threw his arms up at the ceiling and kept his balance that way. Too embarrassed to look at me, he kept looking at the ceiling. Poor guy!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Training Day on the Train

Last night I left work a little bit late. I got to the T station at 5:13pm and needed to catch the 5:30pm train out of North Station. Typically this is a piece of cake! Seventeen minutes to go two stops. Easy breezy! There was a train that just left and in about five minutes another one will arrive. Well, ten minutes later another train finally comes. Over the loud speaker a woman is screaming “This train is packed. Please allow passengers off before boarding. If you can’t fit, stay behind the yellow line!” The train passes me and it’s a man driving! What thaaaah?

The doors open and people come spilling out. However, these people aren’t disembarking the train to get off; they are allowing people off and then getting back on. It is a miracle I fit on this thing. I had seven minutes to get to my train now. It was going to be a close call. The guy driving starts yelling over the loud speaker “Lady with the blue coat, suck it in or get out! I can’t shut the doors.” The doors slam closed and whip back open again. “Lady! You don’t fit!” The doors slam closed and whip open once again. I don’t see this lady and all of a sudden I hear from the other end of the train car “Mind yo’ own damn business. I do fit! He is just being a pansy. He can shut the doors!” The doors close once more and now that I know where to look, I see the doors bounce off of her. Her stomach is not on the train and no, she is not pregnant! The rest of her is on the train but her stomach is protruding out the door.

“There is another train behind me. If you do NOT fit on this one, please get off and wait for the next train!” announces the conductor. He forgets to shut the loud speaker off and starts talking normally. “This lady needs to get off the train. I’m not hearing that clicking sound the door should make. You told me it would make a clicking sound.” The lady training this guy says “Don’t worry. It’s not your fault she is holding up the train. You can see her stomach hanging out on the video screen. It’s her!”

The whole train car starts giggling like school children trying to maintain composure. She finally caves “Y’all shut the hell up and mind yo’ own business!” She hops off the train and waits behind the yellow line with a sour puss on her face. She was angry!

As the train whips past the scrolling message board, I look at the time. It’s 5:26pm. I am not making my train and neither are the rest of the passengers I recognize from my commuter train.

This poor guy getting thrown into training during rush hour and the poor passengers subjected to the fact that we all have to learn and we all have to start somewhere. We tend to be  patient when it comes to learning and picking up new jobs. However, when you mess with our commute, it gets a little irritating. Although, this time, it wasn’t his fault. It was the lady in the blue jackets but he did take his sweet time getting to our stop. 10 minutes? Hmph!  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meet Mistress Phone Guy

For a while every morning on my way into the city, I’d some how manage to sit near who I call, Mistress Phone Guy. His phone would ring and he would pick it up and loudly proclaim sweet nothings into it. I would always wonder why on earth would a guy with a wedding band on have to phone in sweet nothings at seven in the morning to his wife that he just left. He did this every day.

I was discussing it over with a friend and she suggested that he was talking to his mistress. Think about it, it’s the only time of the day where he is unaccounted for, yet accounted for. He can tell his wife that train etiquette doesn’t allow for him to talk on the phone. However, if he isn’t in the quiet car and doesn’t mind pissing off a few coffee deprived people, he can chat it up with the mistress and no one would know the wiser.

A few weeks of having to endear rides of sweet nothings, over heard from a few seats over, I hear what I would say is sh*t hitting the fan!

“What do you mean they said they saw us out?” Long pause. “They are going to give my wife a heart attack! This can’t go on! This has to end now…” he goes on loudly in a panicked voice. It seems as though Mistress Phone Guy doesn’t just chit chat with his mistress. He takes her out and now someone he knows has spotted him with her.

The next day I sit down and he isn’t on the phone. I figured he ended things the day before so I can finally read my book in peace. Not the case. His phone rings. He fumbles to pick it up quickly. PS. Who leaves their ring on on the train? Put it on vibrate! Moving on- “Hello?” he answers almost questioning the caller. His face grows furious! “Listen! I told you it was over. We have been spotted and my wife will have a heart attack if she finds out. We weren’t careful enough and now it has to end.” He hangs up the phone and everyone is looking at him like he has six heads. Who is this guy and why is he airing his dirty laundry out on the train in front of strangers?

The phone rings again. “Listen to me! We are OVER! OHHH-VEEE-EEEEE-ARRRE OVER! You got that? If you don’t leave me alone, I will call the police. I mean it!” he hangs up again and the phone rings. He hits ignore.

Mistress Phone Guy has been sulking the last few weeks. I really think once this blows over he will find a new mistress that is “more discrete” but only time will tell.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cardless Entry- A Free Ride on MBTA

So, last night for the third consecutive business day in a row, my card was rejected on my way  home. It said "Card Already Used. See Agent" Well, I have a monthly pass which means I have unlimited rides on the commuter rail and T throughout the month. I looked around for an "Agent" and there was  no one. Aggravated because there aren't agents at this entry and I'd have to walk another three or so blocks to an entry that had agents, I waited until someone else went through the gate and walked in behind them.

When I got to North Station, I saw agents! I walked up to them and said "My card in the evenings, doesn't allow me to go through the gate. In the morning it does, but not at night." One agent says "Well, your card allows you to go through once every twenty minutes." I replied that I went through at 8am and now it's 5pm. It's been longer than twenty minutes. The agent told me to see an agent and they will let me through as long as I show them my card. I asked how we could fix this  problem because every evening I go through a spot with no agents. Another agent stepped in and said "That's when you ride on someones coat tails through the gate. Just wave your card up toward the direction of the camera."

Really? Did an MBTA Agent just tell me to go through on someones coat tails? No wonder MBTA is in debt up to their eye balls. What if I didn't have a monthly pass and I had a pass that removes money off my card with each swipe, I could wave it at the camera but they aren't getting money off that card. Really? MBTA is giving out free rides when they are in debt beyond belief? Unreal.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Incognito Next Week!

Geeeeee-Sus people! I will say this one more time… If you live in New England you can’t be afraid of the snow! If you are afraid to drive in the snow, carpool with someone that isn’t. I’d like to also point out that during rush hour if you are out for a jaunt in the car, you have picked the wrong time and need to do your jaunts between the hours of 10am and 3pm or 7pm and 4am.

This morning on the way to the train a guy in a Murano cut me off and was either afraid of the snow or was out for a morning jaunt. Either way, he made me late for the train. I kept thinking that there was no way I was going to make it. However, I got to the train station and the train was pulling up. I parked in the first parking spot I saw and ran from the back side of the parking lot. I was going to make an honest effort to make that train since it was in site.

I grabbed my things; made sure the e-break was on, and took off toward the train. My coffee was absolutely shaken, not stirred! I ran up the stairs to the over pass and made eye contact with the conductor on the platform. I was starting to feel like I was hyperventilating. Running to the train in chic snow boots and the abominable snow man jacket is not the greatest running outfit. I slowed down on the stairs because they were icy and was completely shocked that they held the train up a whole 30 seconds just for me! I thought for sure they would take off with out me.

I get to the bottom of the steps and told the conductor “Thank you!” as I jumped into the train. She replies “Next time run faster!” I hear her voice and realize that, oh crap, she is a new conductor. I just pissed off the new conductor. The old conductor liked me and knew I was always punctual so holding the train every once in a while was fine. This lady could have taken off with out me and now I wish she did. AND run faster? What? Really? I was a gymnast for 17 years! I did my “vaulting run way” sprint all the way from the back end of the parking lot while holding my back pack, purse, coffee and a cake! I only slowed down on the stairs so I didn’t kill myself on the ice.

Well, I hope this new conductor forgives me. She gave me the evil eye when she checked my ticket! I am either going to have to dress incognito next week or go in a different train car. EEK!!  

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Few Bulleted Updates-

  • I saw Fat Bastard in the grocery store this week. She was buying the microwave popcorn that pops into individual bowls! Not only does she get her trough of popcorn at the train station for her ride home, she needs it at home too!
  • Shapes-Ups Chick does own shoes other than Shape-Ups! Today in the storm she wore chic winter boots! I was so proud.
  • I haven't seen El Creepo in a while which isn't a bad thing!
  • Gentle Giant is still flirting on the platform.
  • Chef Boyardee missed the train today.

Cash is King

In a debit and credit society that we now live in, we often find ourselves carrying no cash at all. However, when in that one situation where debit or credit is not accepted, you find yourself in quite a jam. Please take note people that yes it is convenient to purchase your train ticket after you board the train. Especially when you are making a mad dash for it like I typically do. However, when you are on the train, it takes off and you’re ready to purchase said ticket with a debit or credit card, you are screwed. Train conductors only accept cash! During rush hour, the price of the ticket is raised by $2 for a “convenience fee” for purchasing it on board. If you purchase your ticket at the ticket counter prior to boarding the train you A. get to use your debit or credit card and B. you don’t have to pay that $2 convenience fee even during rush hour.

The other day on the train the conductor announced “This is the 530pm train to Lowell making stops at…… please note that all tickets bought on board will have a $2 surcharge….”

The girl in front of me started to panic as the train is pulling away from the terminal. She only had exactly the cash that would get her from point A. to point B. She didn’t have this extra $2. She pulled out her credit card to fix the problem only to find out that she couldn’t use her card on board. The person next to her happened to be her mom and threw two bucks her way. The girl turned to her mom and said "I would have been screwed if you weren't here. She would have kicked me off at the stop my money could take me to." the mother trying to teach her daughter something said "She shouldn't have had to kick you off at the point your money could take you to. What if that stop didn't have a ticket counter open or an ATM. If I wasn't here, I hope you would ask 'What is the next stop that has an open ticket counter? Or What is the next stop with an ATM?' If you go as far as your money will take you, you could be dropped in the middle of no where with no money and no way to get out of there!" Now there's a smart mom!!

Don't rely on those debit or credit cards while traveling. You never know what situation will arise when you can only use cash. I always make sure I have a $20 stashed away for situations like this. I have found that $20 can usually get me out of a bind or at least buy me time before I have to go to an ATM.

While debit and credit are always convenient sometimes cash is king and there is no way around it!