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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Start and End in my Seat

This morning, I took the T. I hop on and there is a man with special needs sitting down. He looks at me and smiles. The train is full and no seats are available. He stands up and offers me his seat because I am a lady. I melted. I just about cried. I told him I was ok to stand and he insisted that I I sat. Such a sweet and kind gesture.

Fast forward to this evening. I am getting on the commuter train with a shopping bag, work bag and purse. Seating was limited. I get to my seat and take a few seconds to get off my back pack after I put my shopping bag and purse down. Usually people wait behind you because they will get the next seat available because the flow is almost always going the same way. Well, the woman behind me pushes me into my seat before I could even get situated. Either she doesn't know train etiquette or she is a miserable piece of sh*t. I am going to assume the latter. It took all I had not to pummel her with my shopping bag (that one would have had the most force/effect) while my inner thoughts are falalala la-f*cking-la! But then I remembered the guy this morning and rose above that dumb miserable b*th because I will not stoop to that level...especially when I see most of these people every day.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and remember to rise about the a*shats out there!

Falalala lalalala!