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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! You Should Go on a Cruise!

I’m back! This morning, I decided to take the T instead of walk. I hop on and this guy immediately starts talking to me about how we have to wear hats and scarves and mittens now and how winter came quick. He then segwayed into how he hopes there is no snow on December 18th because on December 18th, he and his wife are going on a cruise. “Christmas Day I’ll be in my bikini!” he says awaiting my laugh. “Once you do a cruise you’ll never go back. “ This guy should have been the spokesperson for ALL cruise lines! “You load a prepaid card with money and you don’t worry about money all week. You just swipe and swipe and swipe and everything is paid for…everything…” 2 stops later I am happy to get off at State but he follows me! “Don’t book in advance, book as close as you can get and don’t get a box. Get a balcony!” he says as if he is giving away his secrets! Finally he is going to the Blue line and I am going to the street. “Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the tips!” I say as I walk off and wave.