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Monday, December 23, 2013

A Dollar Short....

This morning, I parked my car, paid my meter with my sparkly shiny dollar coins and went to the other side of the train tracks to wait inside the train station out of the rain. As the train approaches, I open the door and head out to the train. There is a girl in front of me and a couple behind me. I hear a coin drop but think nothing of it since I don’t have any coinage on me…or at least I don’t think I do.

The man of the couple behind me picks up the coin and hands it to me. I say “Oh, I don’t think this is mine. Is it yours?” I ask to the girl in front of me. She tells me it’s not hers. I look back at the couple “It’s not yours?” They both agree that it’s not theirs either.

“Oh man! That means I am one short in the meter.” I say wishing I had parked on the inbound side instead of the outbound side so I could quickly feed the meter.

The woman of the couple assures me that she has shorted the meter a few times by accident, grabbing a quarter instead of a dollar coin and they haven’t given her a ticket.

EEK!! I guess we shall find out at the end of the day.

Friday, December 20, 2013

White Trash Facial on the Train

Last night was a special ride home. My friend and I grabbed a two seater facing another two seater. The seat across from us was empty until, this white trash fabulous couple (That is a combination of white trash and ghetto fabulous) sits there.  The girl has Uggs on. OK, Uggs are stupid. They are right up there with Shape Ups! No one thinks they are hot so stop wearing them…especially if they are saturated in street salt. PS, if you are going to wear them and they happen to get salt all on them, you can have them professionally cleaned at your local dry cleaners to make them more tolerable.

The girl starts picking at her face but stops after she pops a pimple. The guy on the other hand, picks at his pimpled face all the way from North Station to Anderson (and probably beyond that but I got off at Anderson yesterday because that’s where I left from that morning).

It was nasty. My friend and I are trying not to look…not for the sake of being polite, for the sake of us not losing our appetite for dinner. The girlfriend hands the guy a compact mirror and he is going to town on his face. The girlfriend then decides she can help him pop his pimple and dives in herself and starts extracting. They don’t have tissues. Just a compact so lord only knows where the “extractions” ended up. I am gagging thinking about it and can hardly keep down my morning hot cocoa as I type this.

Needless to say, don’t pop your pimples in public. The funny part is that we were right next to a bathroom. My friend and I were talking about how we wouldn’t use that bathroom as train commuters. However, as tourists, we might. Well, the white trash fabulous couple across from us couldn’t have been commuters so they could have popped in there to save us from having to look at their pimple extracted faces.

What did we learn today?

-          Don’t extract bodily fluids on the train.
-          Don’t extract your boyfriend’s bodily fluids on the train.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spidey Sense on the Train

Friday I did a little shopping in Down Town Crossing for the holiday. I found this awesome Spider Man mask for my nephew*.  It looks so cool and has a button on the side of it that spits off 10 super hero sayings*. This thing was so cool. I read the age…Age 5 and up! My nephew is 3. I put it back on the shelf, stepped away and then remembered the year I got my Easy Bake Oven. It said for ages 8 and up. I was 6. My mom told me that Santa must think I am responsible to have brought me something two years beyond my age. I ran back to the shelf thinking “He’s responsible. He’s charismatics…charismatic kids need cool a*s Spider Man masks.”

Now fast forward to the train ride home. I make it to Wilmington without it going off. Then, my friend gets off and I scoot over in the seat and adjust my bags. All of a sudden you hear “Mask! Check! Web Shooters! Check! Crime Fighter…You know it!!” I am sitting facing two other woman and they look up immediately and are puzzled.

I quickly reach for the bag to stop the super hero from spouting out at the mouth but in doing so, I whack the button again. “ Whoa, my Spidey sense is tingling!” Now, not only are the two across from me staring at me, a few others start to look.

I smile at them and grab my phone to “look busy”. Plus, by having my hands away from the bag this mask was in, it stopped spouting off super hero phrases….untillllll, I had to get off the train. “Causin’ trouble? Spidey will track you down!!!” I am now in line waiting to get off the train. I lift my bag and say to the people staring at it “I got some Christmas shopping done today.” And smiled at them. They just giggled at me.

*Disclaimer & Note to Sister:
-Act surprised on Christmas
-Sorry about the noisy toy. I know the golden rule for parents is to not buy loud toys but I’m just the Auntie…
- Love youuu!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Did I jinx myself by requesting a better commute on the way home tonight? I  just got an email that the orange line is experiencing delays due to a disabled train at North Station and I haven't gotten an "All Clear" email! Damn it! Just for this, I am eating chips in the quiet car once I get on the train! HUH!!!

Freezing Cold and Going Nowhere

There was a fire yesterday at North Station in their maintenance facility, delaying trains ahead of mine. I was smug and happy when I got to North Station and saw my train was on time. What I failed to realize was that since other trains were canceled, my train was packed.

I had had a busy day. The last thing I wanted to do was stand on an express train from North Station to the first stop at Anderson…20 ish minutes. The intercom goes on and it’s the conductor asking people to remove bags from seats so people can sit down. I look around and no one budges. Mainly because they already had moved their bags. Then I spotted a bag on a seat. I shimmied down the aisle through the crowd and said it loud and clear so I embarrassed this b*tch. “Can you please move your bag so I can sit?” She was stunned and gave me a death look but she moved her bag and I sat down. Sorry biotch! I paid for a seat. Your bag didn’t!

Then this morning. Negative three degrees out! There were people in hoodies at my stop. It’s three below! Where is your damn jacket you idiot? I see you every day so you clearly are a New Englander and know better!

Our train pulls in on time. However, there are signal problems and our train slows down to a crawl. I am happy I am on the train and not waiting in the freezing cold for it. We get in to North Station a whopping 30 minutes late. I then head to the T because I am not walking in this sh*t.

Well, that was everyone else’s idea and when I got down to the tracks, both the green line and the orange line were experiencing delays. The green line finally pulls in after 15 minutes and everyone waiting for the orange line runs over to the train. We don’t fit so we run to the middle of the waiting area and wait to see which line will come in first. We hear honking. An orange line train backs itself into the station and opens the doors of an empty train. We all run toward the train and hop on. Then we sat idling for a few minutes. Not sure why but we were on a train!

Finally we start moving and we go the two stops I need to go without a problem. I hop out at State Street and trek a few blocks in the cold. Let’s hope today’s ride home is smooth sailing after yesterday and todays mishaps.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dance Dance Revolution

So, if you haven’t gathered already, I am NOT a morning person. Not one bit. This morning, I get on the train and sit on the bottom of the double decker. Hardly anyone is near me until we get to Anderson. People pile on and this couple sits across from me. They are sharing ear buds. Think of this…when you share ear buds, you are putting someone else’s earwax into your own ear. THINK….AH….BOUT…IT!!!

Anyway, they have the volume cranked. I try to tune it out and sip my coffee quietly but thennnn, they start dancing to it. I mean getting down and have matching dance moves. I am trying to tune them out along with the rest of the people around me but they continue on. They pretty much have their own dance-a-thon in their seat from Anderson to North Station.

I don’t mind that they are happy but at the crack-a*s of dawn, there is no need to be having a dance party on the MBTA while others are still trying to get out of the fog and sip their coffee.

So we recap:

·         Don’t have a dance-a-thon at the crack of dawn on the train.
·         Don’t put other people’s earwax in your own ears.

That is all!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Stomach Bug on the Commuter Rail

Oh the things you don’t think about until you are smack dab in the middle of a horrible situation.

Last Thursday at about 4pm I had this awful feeling come over me. It was my turn in the office to get the stomach bug. It was running ramped through our office and no matter how many times I sanitized my hands and went around with Lysol wipes to clean the door knobs and shared surfaces, I got it. I darted off to the ladies room so the poor janitors didn’t have to clean up my mess.

My initial thought was to go home immediately. Then I remembered that I had to go on the train…for nearly an hour…without a bathroom nearby…during rush hour. Mother F*cker! This sucks!! I thought about what I had eaten that day and figured that I’d wait to catch the train until I had rid my stomach of everything (GROSS! I know but what else are you gonna do?)

I sat at my desk and tried to get my reports done that are usually done Friday and get them out as fast as I could. I heard this bug lasted 24 hours so I didn’t plan on making the trek to Boston in the morning if I was still sick.

The longer I was running reports, the longer I had to worry about my trek home. I had a feeling it was going to be an utter disaster. I rummaged through my desk and found a paper DSW bag that I had stashed (I may or may not have a slight shoe addiction and the less my husband sees DSW bags coming through the door, the better). I contemplated lining the bag with plastic wrap but I thought that was a bit extreme. The bag was for an emergency and I didn’t want to jinx myself.

Around 5:30pm I left the office for the train station with my DSW paper bag at the top of my tote. I was feeling like I’d make it home but you never know once motion starts to happen.

I got on the 5:50pm train and it was packed. There was hardly anywhere to sit. I had seen a woman once scream at someone that she was “sick and contagious” and everyone scattered and gave her her own seat. I wasn’t about to do that in front of various people I have to see every day so I continue onward and hope to find a three seater with a middle and end seat open.

In the 4th car, I finally find one and don’t have to scream at people that I could be sick and get them sick since this guy was at the window and we had a whole middle seat in between us. AND lucky me, he got off at the first stop and I had the entire three seater to myself after that.

I did manage to get to my stop without being sick. However, it never dawned on me in the almost 3 years of train commuting that I could get sick and not have anywhere but the floor in front of me to do it on.

Oh, the things you don’t think about until you are in quite the predicament

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hitting Your Head and Supportive Shoes

So, I got a new phone. There is an app that tracks my steps throughout the day. I know I walk a lot and have always been curious as to how far I actually do walk in a day. I set up the app and try to remember to carry my phone EVERYWHERE! Yesterday, I did just that. I left my phone on my desk a few times when I went to the water cooler but all in all I’d say it was as close to accurate as I was going to get since I don’t want to carry my 20 pound purse to the water cooler or around the office to get stuff.

Well, I walked 10,006 steps. Roughly 5.2 miles!! I got thinking, most of those steps are between my office and North Station and some are on my break when I go for a little jaunt. I wear ballet flats or riding boots during those times and I thought to myself “I should be wearing some shoes with support.” Think about it, about 4 of those miles are in non-supportive shoes. No wonder my feet hurt. It’s not the stiletto’s I sashay around the office in, It’s the flat bottomed ballet shoes. I do have a “gellin’” insert in my riding boots but I can’t fit a “gellin’” insert in the ballet flats.

I google “ballet flats with support”. Ok, bad idea! Numero uno site that pops up: LL Bean! Another site pops up with Dr. Scholl’s shoes. Those shoes are JUST shy of the “Working Girl” look from the 80’s with sneakers and slouchy socks! WHY! Why are all ballet flats with support hideous!? I get it and my mother says this all the time “Pain is beauty.” Well, my feet hurt and I still want beauty so what gives?

I think someone needs to invent stylish, supportive shoes. It’s not that hard. Maybe I should invent them!

On a separate note: Who has hit their head on the new double decker racks? I have. Yesterday, someone wacked his head on the rack and everyone asked if he was “OK” and then everyone comforted him in telling him that they have done it too.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sidewalk Road Kill

This morning as I make my way out of North Station and on to the sidewalk, I feel something squishy under my shoe. I cringe and think to myself “How could I have stepped in dog sh*t twice in one day?” (I had stepped in my neighbor’s dog sh*t on the sidewalk earlier this morning on my walk with my dog. Luckily it was the beginning of our walk so I could smear it off in various grassy spots.  Quick note to husband: Don’t worry Hunny, it was all gone before I entered the house and I didn’t track it in the house on to our precious hard wood floors.) I lift my foot to look at the damage and to my grotesque surprise, I did not step in dog sh*t, I stepped on a dead, bloody mouse. My winter white ballet flat was smeared with mouse guts.

 I try my best not to gag and am not sure what to do. There is no grassy spot to wipe my foot on. There are no puddles nearby. Gag! Gag! Gag!

I tell myself not to think about it. I have a mile ahead of me to get this little sucker off my shoe. I start by limping but quickly tell myself that there is nothing wrong with my foot and I just look like an idiot so I straighten up and walked normal.

A mile later, this little guy is gone but I still know he was there. When I get to my office, I take one of those double sided, gritty Lysol wipes to the bottom of both shoes to be on the safe side. I tuck my flats under my desk and switch to my non-mouse-gut office stiletto’s that have only touched the outside world once because I had to do twist and shout dance moves on the  sidewalk to scuff up the bottom so I wouldn’t fall flat on my face on the carpet in the office.

Oh the joys of commuting in the city!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Purple People Eater

Ok people, let’s talk fashion! There is this girl I see every single day at the train station. She is super annoying first of all. I always over hear her talk to people about her ailments. “I’m on my meds today so I’m a little loopy.” “It’s not as bad as it used to be now that I gained weight and my meds aren’t over powering.” “I was in so much pain …blah blah blah.” Shut the f*ck up. We don’t care! These people nod at her with a blank smile on their face like “You’re telling me this WHY?”  AND I am pre-coffee and don’t want to hear about your bull sh*t. I don’t go around telling people if I have ailments because it’s uncouth. No one needs to know about your bodily functions. I don’t know why people think its ok to tell everyone their problems but unless you are at a Dr’s office, with family or close friends- WE DON’T CARE!

Anyway, I probably wouldn’t be so annoyed by her bad fashion sense if she wasn’t so annoying herself.

For instance, if you have…say… a purple pair of skinny jeans, you need to wear those suckers few and far between! If they were normal jeans, no one would notice but when you wear purple skinny jeans twice a week, every week… its noticeable! She wears them all the time with her stupid pleather boots that she probably got at Target!

So let’s recap:

·         Don’t talk about your bodily functions/ailments/meds to strangers and/or acquaintances.
·         If you have a fashionable piece of clothing that stands out, you cannot wear it two times within one week.
·         Don’t wear pleather boots…PERIOD!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Conductor on My Sh*t List

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder why you continue to be a good person? Today was one of those days.

I had a Dr’s appointment. I knew I could make the 10:23am train by the skin of my teeth. I get to the train station and park at 10:17am. That is 6 entire minutes I have to walk from my car to the parking meter to the platform. That is plenty of time. I get out of my car and see the train pull in. I book it to the parking meter. Pay and book it over to the platform. It is pouring rain outside. I didn’t even open my umbrella so that I could run faster. Everyone boards the train. The conductor looks me dead in the eyes and hops on the train. I scream “Please hold the door!” as I am only 10 feet away. TEN FEET! I assumed he might have hopped on the train to get out of the rain. Then I hear it. THUNK! It’s the conductor pulling the steps. I look up, I am now three feet away. He then looks me dead in the eyes and gives the engineer the signal to go.

I am now standing AT the entry while he is standing in the doorway. The train takes off and he screams “Sorry, you just missed it.” As he whizzes right on by me.

I turn around to head inside the station since I wasn’t going to sit on the platform in the pouring rain until the next train came in an HOUR. I looked up at the train board as I was walking. The time was 10:21am! That F*CKING train left BEFORE its scheduled time. I should have been on it.

First of all, they left early. Second of all, it’s not that hard to have a heart and see someone running for the train in the pouring rain and wait for them…especially when they are 10 feet away…AND especially when the train is running early! That, to me was heartless and clearly intentional since he looked me dead in the eyes twice AND heard me ask him to hold the door.

But don’t worry Mr. A*shole conductor, I got a good look at you as you drifted by me and told me I just missed it! I don’t forget a face and if I see you, you better hope I don’t have an aisle seat. You just might happen to trip every time you walk by me!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

All I want for Christmas...

All I want for Chrismas is my noise canceling head phone…my noise canceling head phones….my nose canceling head phone!

And here is why: Every time I have ever seen this kid, she is screaming…for no damn reason. She is screaming because some little boy stole her juice at school and she is still upset about it. She is screaming because her dad is holding her drawing incorrectly. She is screaming just to hear herself scream. The dad tries desperately to get this kid to shut up but she doesn’t! He coddles her and tries to make everything all right. Meanwhile the baby that is like one year old is sitting with the dad, bright eyed and happy while the 4 year old screams her fool head off for no reason. They sat right next to me but other times I have heard this child, she is on the other end of the car. The entire car has to endure this kids screaming at the top of her lungs, every single day from North Station to Anderson-Woburn.

I feel bad for the dad. He really does make an effort to be out of peoples way and to shut the kid up but that kid and her crocodile tears just keeps going and THIS my friends is why I need noise canceling head phones for Christmas! That is all!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Morning Rush

This is my morning…I take the later train in to the office. I sit down next to a woman reading the newspaper. We get to the next stop and I slide in to the middle seat as there are many people standing. A guy sits down next to me and starts administering eye drops. Not Visine. Medically prescribed drops. He does it once and then dabs his eyes with tissue. As we get closer to the station, he does the eye drop thing again. I am REALLY hoping it wasn’t something contagious! REALLY HOPING!

Then I get to North Station. We walk out of TD and try to head into the T station. There are people lined up in a crazy mob scene spilling out of the T station and into the street. I contemplate walking but it was freezing out and I decided I’d take the T. Once I get inside, I realize the escalator is broken and everyone is taking the stairs. It was as if everyone forgot how to use stairs!! I mean really people, quick complaining!  It’s not that hard…and if more of you took the stairs instead of the escalator, you’d knock off some extra pounds (Just sayin’!). I choose stairs over the escalator every chance I get.

So, while everyone is trying to remember how to walk down stairs, the Jehovah witnesses stand by their stand of Bibles with a smile on their face. Um, what the hell is with them in North Station! They don’t approach anyone (which I am not complaining about) and I have never seen someone approach them. Sooo, why are they wasting their time!?

Once everyone has managed to take the stairs, I get to the tracks. The train pulls in and it’s packed to the brim. The guy in front of me is literally the last one on. There was no room for me to squeeze on and the woman beside me was so upset she couldn’t fit on either. She says  to me as the packed train pulls away “I feel like they are just leaving me behind!” A little melodramatic but I get it.

We wait 5 minutes for the next train. When it arrives there is no one on it! I mean no one! She and I hop on and we each get a seat! UNHEARD OF in rush hour morning trains! So, sometimes packing on to a train isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. If you wait for that next train, sometimes you just might get a seat!  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Football Try Outs on the T Today

It’s totally frustrating when you are trying to get on a train and everyone is packed around the door and there are about 5 spots available at the end of the train. Sometimes people scream down to the end to move down. Sometimes people don’t say a word and wait for the next train but today…today was different.

I get on the packed train. I am literally the last one that will fit. The guy behind me had no shot. That is, until he spotted 5 empty spots open at the end of the train. He screams down “Can you please move down so we can get on?”

No one moves! They just look at him. I can’t do anything because no one in front of me moved.

He then says “Fine! If no one wants to move down, I’ll make my way down.”

He starts by shoving me into another girl and we both hit our heads on the pole next to us. He continues to just shove people out of the way as if he was trying out for a football team. Three people snuck in on his coat tails.

I mean, I get it! It’s frustrating to stand on the platform as the train takes off and you see empty space where you might have fit. However, you don’t have to injure me in the process of proving your point.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Your Balls Aren't THAT Big

This morning on the way in, I sat at a window seat. A man sat in my seat on the aisle end of the three seater. He was reading the paper all spread out and his legs spread eagle. When he was asked to move in, he obliged. However, he remained in the same stance. Newspaper was wide open and his legs spread out as wide as they could go.

Ok buddy! First, I am pretty sure the article you are reading is contained to just one page. Fold the paper in half! Second, unless you have elephantitis, YOUR BALLS AREN’T THAT BIG! Close your legs and give me some damn room!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sitting with a Fire Fighter

Today I was having a bad day. I dropped my “sparkly shiny dollar coins” in the parking lot and lost them in the leaves. When I bent down to get them out of the leaves, I ended up spilling my coffee on the arm of my jacket. I was so irritated. Once I found my “sparkly shiny dollar coins” for the parking machine, I heard the train coming and started to walk a little faster. My coffee splashed out of my cup and onto my gloves.

I went and paid the parking and then ran inside to grab some paper towels because there was a huge line to get on the train, I figured I had time to do it. When I got back outside I went into a different car than usual because I was freezing and that line was shorter. I grabbed a seat facing a man in a red hat. I sat down flustered and pulled out my book.

A few stops in, I decided to move inward and to let others sit. When I did, the guy in the red hat started talking to me. Small talk at first. He had an appointment in the city. He liked going in on the train but it was only his third time doing it so he was still confused but enjoyed the scenery. I closed my book and put it away.

He started to tell me how he is a fire fighter. He is ready to retire. He wasn’t really ready to retire but there was a bad fire this summer and the Chief made a bad call. The reason he was going to Boston was for a Dr’s appointment to discuss this fire. He couldn’t handle what happened that day and is done firefighting.

He then went on to say how he spent much of his life working for the dollar and how he wants to travel and see the States. Not even the world…the States. That says a lot to me. Because he was so focused on working, he missed a lot of things and now he was going to start his bucket list.

You ever have a bad day and then realize someone else is having a worse time than you. Suddenly my spilled coffee and dropped “sparkly shiny dollar coins” didn’t seem so bad. I also took away from this, work hard but play hard too. It’s not all about making money. You have to have fun, live and travel while you can.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Got a Kiss on the Train

Yesterday, my friend and I sit in seats facing each other. We each had an open seat next to us, as we were facing each other. A woman with her adorable, well behaved son sat down next to me. He sat on her lap the entire ride and ate his gold fish. Another woman sat down next to my friend and we were all chit chatting about various grocery shopping techniques. When we go, when the worst time to go is, do you go during the game, don’t go before the game and so on. The boy just munched on his gold fish and when he and his mom got to their stop, he blew me several kisses as he went down the aisle. He was too cute! Why can’t all kids on the train be like him?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Train to Nowhere

When the conductor gets to our stop in the morning he shouts out “Train to Boston!” when he jumps on the train to let us on. Well, this morning he screams out “Train to nowhere!”

SOOO, naturally what song do I have stuck in my head all the way to Boston?

Talking Heads! Road to Nowhere
We're on a road to nowhere
Come on inside
Takin' that ride to nowhere
We'll take that ride
I'm feelin' okay this mornin'
And you know
We're on a road to paradise
Here we go, here we go
We're on a ride to nowhere
Come on inside
Takin' that ride to nowhere
We'll take that ride
Maybe you wonder where you are
I don't care
Here is where time is on our side
Take you there, take you there
We're on a road to nowhere (Hah! Hey! Hi!)
We're on a road to nowhere
We're on a road to nowhere
There's a city in my mind
Come along and take that ride
And it's all right, baby it's all right

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful for: Train Friends and Not Worrying

Today is not about the train. It’s about being thankful (Well, kind of about the train since I am thankful for my train friends) I have been seeing all over Facebook people posting every day what they are thankful for. They are thankful for their BFFE, Friends, Perfect Husbands … they are even thankful for FACEBOOK! I am NOT by any means discounting these things because I am thankful for my BFFE. She is super woman and if I asked her to fly, she’d find a way to do it! I am thankful for my husband because he lets me be ME and doesn’t try to restrain the goals I have. I am thankful for friends because without them, where would I be? I’d be lonely on the train, I’d have no one to share martinis with, I’d have no one to share laughs with. I am, surprisingly thankful for Facebook…how else would I keep up with everyone’s busy lives?

However, I am most thankful that I don’t have to worry about where my next meal is coming from! Yesterday I was at a conference. I saw a disheveled guy come in who was in his late 20’s, early 30’s. He had on jeans and a hoodie. I assumed he was a bike messenger since the place was swarming with business types and lots of documents were movin’ and shakin’. I looked at his pant leg and saw that he did not have his pant leg rolled up or that bike strap thing that makes it so your pants don’t get caught in the chain. So, that ruled out bike messenger. He shuffled around the lobby area nervously and then disappeared. Once the men in suits went into their meetings and the presentation rooms and it was just me manning the registration desk, I saw this man sneak by me and head into the hospitality suite where the last of our buffet lunch was sitting. I almost got up and asked if I could help him but then I saw what he was doing. He had paper towels in his hand and from my vantage point I could see him. He opened the paper towels and wrapped a few sandwiches in them. He grabbed a couple cookies and a soda. When he walked out, he had his head down and tried to sneak by me again. I saw his jeans up close. They were dirty. His hair was tattered. His sweatshirt was grungy. I almost cried. This guy wasn’t a messenger, he was finding lunch…and maybe even dinner. I have never been put in a situation where I don’t know where my next meal is coming from and I am very thankful I haven’t. To see it up close and personal though, makes me appreciate the fact that I don’t have to worry.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heat! It’s an Easy Concept!

This morning it’s cold! I mean cold!! I decide since it’s only November, I am not going to wear my abominable snowman jacket and sport one of my lighter winter jackets while it should be warm enough to wear them. I get to the train station, walk toward the platform and decide I am a wimp so I wait inside until the train comes. When the train comes, I head outside and wait to hop on the train. When I get on the train, there is no temperature change. The only change is that outside it is cold with a slight breeze and in the train it’s….cold with no breeze! The entire way to North Station, I read my book with my gloves on and debated throwing my hood on but I didn’t want to be too melodramatic!

OK MBTA, it’s called “HEAT!” As in, it’s 26 degrees out. Why don’t we turn the heat on?  That is all.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Get Your Suburban Panties Out of a Bunch

Oh's on the chopping block for me right now! I don’t think I ever really liked the holiday but I have always gone along with it.

Yesterday I wore my orange and black and was as festive as I could be in a professional office. Example: Wearing glow in the dark skeleton earrings was out of the question!

I took the early train home because my town posted on the Mass trick or treating site that it started at 5pm. I rushed home only to find that it had been miss posted and it actually started at 6pm. It also seems like everyone else saw the miss posted trick or treat time because the train was so packed that it was eventually standing room only…ALL THE WAY to the end of the line. Which never happens and then I sat in traffic to get out of the train parking lot which also, never happens!

What happens after I get home, I never saw coming! My husband works for a beverage company. A coworker of his says that he hands out soda and is the coolest house in the neighborhood. Everyone loves it!! My husband tells me and I think it’s a great idea so instead of candy, we hand out soda!

First of all, do kids say “Trick or Treat” anymore because these little snots just came to the door and just opened their bag? Not one word.

Then, we got a trick or treater that gave us back our soda and walked off of our porch almost in tears. The mom asked what was wrong as if WE did something to the poor kid.

The next kid got a soda in her bag and screams to the kids in the Cul De Sac “Don’t go to this house!!!!” Um, flat out rude!!! I would NEVER have had the balls to say anything like that when I was little. Not even of the house giving out fruit or Necco wafers!

We got another kid that was psyched over his soda and when he got to his parents, they scream to us from the street “You have some GUTS!!!!”

Another kid says to us “Sweet! My mom’s gonna be pissed!”

And another woman says to us “He’s not drinking that.” Then turns to the kid and says “Keep walking.” They then cut across the lawn and I secretly hoped they stepped in dog sh*t!

We got a few tweens that were psyched to get the soda and others welcomed the drink as they were thirsty from walking from house to house.

However, I never saw the rude comments coming. I was taught that if it’s something you don’t like, you take it and say “Thank you” anyways. If you don’t like it or your parents had a problem with it, they’d confiscate it at the end of the night or  you trade it with your sibling.

Do you think I told the people with Necco wafers that I don’t like them? NO! Do you think I told the people with Snickers that I was allergic to peanuts? NO… I took those for my dad! Did I tell people that I didn’t want Junior Mints? Nope! Those were for mom!

If it’s caffeine they are worried about… um there is caffeine in chocolate! If it’s the sugar, then go tell the house giving out pixy stix that they have “guts” too! Lighted up! It’s Halloween! Get your suburban panties out of a bunch!

That being said, I think the $50 bucks we spent on things to pass out will be spent on us next year instead.  We’ll stash the dog in the basement (the only place where the light isn’t seen from the road) and head to the local watering hole where we will avoid nasty parents and snotty kids.

I am officially ba-humbug about Halloween!

Oh….and Happy Friday.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pleasantly Surprised

Yesterday on my break, I took a walk down to Faneuil Hall. They were setting up for the President’s speech and everything was blocked off and people started to fill in on the steps near Government Center. I thought to myself that if the President’s speech was going to end around the time I was leaving work, then I’d be so screwed getting through a packed in crowd to the train or be stuck with the crowd on the T. Either way, equally screwed.  

I went back to work and decided not to worry about it. I’d figure it out.

Just before I leave, I get an email from MBTA. They say that the Orange line is stopped both ways due to the motorcade. Now I know I have to walk through the Faneuil Hall mess.

I pack up my things and get another email from MBTA stating that the Orange line is back up and running. I decide against taking the train since it has been stopped for 10 minutes and the backup of people waiting for the T has got to be insane. I decide to walk anyway.

As I approach Faneuil Hall, the crowd is dispersed. Everyone seems to be walking in the same direction as I am AND they are walking at a decent pace!! The police kept everyone moving and I actually got to North Station 5 whole minutes before I usually do. I was delightfully surprised!

So, nice job to the polices, Obama speech watchers and the World Series spectators.

AND Also…. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Be Grateful You Turd! This is Nothing!

This morning I hop on at North Station. The T is packed to the brim when it arrives and only two people get off. A lady in front of me gets on, I get on and one guy behind me packs his way on too. He yells “This sucks!”

I felt like saying “You think this sucks? At least you are on the train and don’t have to wait 9 minutes until the next one like the others stuck on the platform.”


“You are hopping on a train during rush hour from North Station. What did you think was going to happen? You’d hop on, have ample room and even get a seat… NO!”


“Today is the World Series AND Obama is making a speech today. This is a walk in the park. You just wait ‘til later you turd!”

BUUUT I kept my mouth shut and rolled my eyes along with the woman that got on in front of me.

That being said, let’s see if I can keep my mouth shut and just roll my eyes later when I have to deal with Obama Speech watchers and World Series spectators. Let’s see how this goes later. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Would the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Welcome to my Tuesday. This morning, I make my coffee before running out the door. I throw my cream and sugar in and head down to the garage. On my way, I take a sip of my coffee and discover that I am drinking hot water, cream and sugar. I realize that I forgot to put a K-cup in my Keurig.

As I am trying not to gag, I run back upstairs to remake my coffee. Luckily I wasn’t running too far behind this morning and the Keurig was already warmed up. Once I have my coffee the way I like it…with coffee in it, I run to my car and fly over to the train station. I am very grateful that I took a sip prior to arriving at the train because to take that sip on the train and not be able to fix it, would have completely ruined my morning.

Once I am at the train station and because I cut it so close to boarding time, the scrolling screen is flashing “Please Stand Back. Please Stand Back.” SOO, what gets stuck in my head for the remainder of my commute?

'Cause I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady
All you other Slim Shadies are just imitating
So won't the real Slim Shady please stand up,
Please stand up, please stand up…..

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Monday

Oh Monday! How lovely to see you again.

OK, maybe not. Today as I get on the sardine packed T, I briefly glance over to see this rat tail of a thing in my face. I jump because it’s just nasty! Upon closer inspection, it’s a guy’s goatee that is about a foot long and it is secured with a dozen or so hair elastics all the way down. All I can think about is how nasty it is and how it just HAS to be infested with bugs or some sh*t and it is right by my head.

Then, we get to Haymarket and people need to get off. So, I hop off so they can get off as I am in their way. Do you think the Weeble in front of the door moves? NO! She makes a feeble attempt at sucking in her belly so she doesn’t lose her spot on the train. Meanwhile, stick figure me hops off to allow a 6 foot, broad shouldered man off. He was not happy having to get by the Weeble and I believe he “accidentally-on purpose” smacked her in the arm with his work bag. Oopsy!

We pile back on the train and head to State. The doors open up and I hear the wonderful…I mean like nails on a chalk board…sound of this woman playing the recorder! Yup! The recorder! That instrument you had to play in music class to pacify your music teacher that you could in fact apply musical notes to an instrument.

So, there you have it: My Monday morning back to work. Lovely.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The World Series

For the last two days the World Series has been in town. Oh Joy! While I am excited the Sox have another shot at the title, the tourists that it brings just throws wrenches in my commute.

Wednesday- I got out of work early. I had ample time to make the early train. I hopped on the T which seemed generally roomie when I got on. I was psyched. I totally was taking the early train. Then…we get off at North Station. I don’t even know why these people were in North Station. They were going the wrong way. Fenway is in the other direction. However, they were head to toe in Sox gear sooo, my suspicions of them being World Series spectators is most likely correct.

Anyway, they all get on the escalator and just stand there. They don’t even leave the “left lane” open for me to pass. Then, we get to the top and they all disperse making it impossible to weave. None of them know where they are going. They are blinded by the guy selling T-shirts, the cool train sign, the ticket machines. They are also just looking around, wide eyes and “bushy tailed”. I mean… it’s JUST a T Station people, GET MOVING!

We finally head down the hall way and they kind of move over so I can pass. However, there is oncoming foot traffic so once again, can’t pass. It is now 5:08pm and I have two minutes to catch the train which is usually ok but with these people moving at the pace of snails, it might not work.

I get to the stairs and escalator. I head up the stairs because most people hop on the escalator. Do you think people took the escalator like I predicted? NOPE! They walk 3 wide up the steps and now I have to walk like a snail up the steps. I finally get to the top and try to high tail it out the door and into North Station. NOT happening. These people are confused. Is this the entrance to the Garden or the Station…So, they stop dead and don’t open the doors and now there is a pile up. I finally push my way through the crowd. “It’s BOTH!” I scream at the head to toe dressed Red Sox fan…I felt like saying “It’s both! AND by the way… Sometimes, less is more!” BUUT held that last part in.

They look at me like I am a b*tch and maybe my tone was a little b*tchy but if you’re gonna be in the city, get thicker skin! Maybe if you had thicker skin, you wouldn’t need all that Sox shwag hanging off of you. Just sayin’!

I finally get in to North Station and look at the screen. 5:09 ALL ABOARD! I pick up the pace but it is IMPOSSIBLE to run! They are just all mulling about staring at the ceiling probably looking for the beer garden. I finally get on the platform after I cut through the crowd and as I do, the train pulls away. I am not the only one. There were several pissed off commuters on the platform. In fact, they were still running. Like the train was gonna stop?! Ya right!

So, needless to say, I am glad the tourists are gone and my commute is back to normal. I only pray that the next two games, the Sox win so they only have to come back to Boston for one more game! I wish this because A. Obviously I want the Sox to win and B. I would rather not have to deal with World Series fans saturating the sidewalks, halls and corridors of my commute for longer than it's absolutely necessary.

GO SOX!!!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Inside, Outside, Outside, Inside

So, Miss Fancy Spandex Pants has a friend and this friend wears… Indoor-Outdoor slippers on the train! OK people! Just because it says it on the label that the slippers are Indoor-Outdoor slippers, doesn’t mean you get to wear them… OUTSIDE! It’s just wrong!

I got a pair of indoor-outdoor slippers for my dad for Christmas once and I verbally reminded him that just because the box said he could wear them outside that it didn’t make it right for him to wear them outside. Not even a trip to the mail box because if he went to the mail box with the slippers on and then realized he needed to go to the store and hopped in his car with said slippers on, he’d be THAT guy walking around the store with slippers on!

Perhaps this is the reason I avoid Wal-Mart at all costs. I don’t think I have set foot in a Wal-Mart in MONTHS! I can’t stand walking into that store and being the one with the jaw dropped with my inner voice screaming “You are in your pajamas! Florescent fleece is not a good look for you! Florescent fleece is NOT slimming! Do you OWN a full length mirror?”

So, that being said, florescent fleece AND slippers stay inside unless you want “What Not To Wear” to come back on TV and use you as an example of the “not to wear”!

Monday, October 21, 2013

You Want My Choke?

Photo Courtesy of KeepCalmOMatic

So, this morning, I get on the train and sit next to this woman that is just passed out against the window. I sit down and discover that she has this overwhelming smell of Dollar Store air freshener, laundry soap and/or drier sheet. Ya know that awful smell that's supposed to smell like sunshine but doesn't.

Well, since it's a three seater, I don't have to sit next to her right away. However, I am asked politely to slide in and i do.

As we are heading over the bridge to North Station, this over scented woman jerks back into conciousness and with that, karate chops me right in the neck which makes me choke on my coffee.

As my niece would say "You want MYYY Choke?!"

Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Wanted to B*tch Slap This Girl

I ALMOST slapped a b*tch today.

I get on at my stop and find a seat on the end of a three seater. The middle seat was open. I put my purse and bag on my lap and scroll through my phone as we continue on to the next stop. We get to Anderson-Woburn and this girl gets on and says to me as I am scrolling through my very important Facebook feed “MOVE OVER!”

She didn’t say “Can you move over please?” She just demanded that I “Move over!”

I survey her shoes. Boat shoes! UM, I am pretty sure everyone has taken their boats out of the water this past weekend so boat shoes…officially out of season.

I look up and see her stupid mousey nose with her stupid mousey lips and just envision her nibbling on a stupid piece of cheese.

Have I mentioned I haven’t taken ONE sip of my coffee yet and I have been up since 4am because my husband’s alarm went off at that time so he could go to an early meeting?

I do my best to smile and move over.

For those of you, like her that do not know commuter etiquette, this is how this should have gone down:

Mousey-Boat Shoe Girl- “Can I sit there?” While she is pointing to the middle seat.

Me- “Sure.” But instead of getting up to give her the middle, I slide in and take the middle myself.

Mousey-Boat Shoe Girl- Act pleasantly surprised that I have given you the coveted end seat while saying “Thank you!”

Me- “No problem.”

See, simple as that and no one gets b*tch slapped or judged on their out of season boat shoes.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Favorite Conductor at 29....Again

I have a new favorite conductor. This morning, as I get on the train I say good morning to the conductor as I do every morning. It’s helpful to be nice and I do see them every day so it only seems right.

I sit down in my seat and have my ticket ready. When he comes by he asks me my name since I do talk to him every day. I tell him and he says “Wow! That will be easy to remember. That’s my daughter’s name!” He then goes on to tell me that she looks very much like me. Same skin tone, similar hair. He then says “How old are you?”

I have to think about it for a second since I now turn 29 every year. “Thirty-One.” I say to him.

“I was WAY OFF! WAAAAY OFF!! I was going to guess you were younger than my daughter and she is 26.”

Did I mention I have a new favorite conductor?!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Sitting with My Box of Tampons- Totally Normal!

Last night I went to Shecky’s girls night out. I try to go every time they are in town. In previous years, the goodie bag was worth its weight in gold. I loved it. As the years went on, I have noticed that the goodie bags have been getting a little lack luster.

I get to Shecky’s and go to pick up my goodie bag (always the first thing to do, as in years past, they ran out even though your entry fee included a goodie bag). After getting my goodie bag I notice that the vendors are vacant. I take this opportunity to get up-close and actually see what the vendors have. I end up leaving with a new purse and a necklace.

While I am perusing, a vendor says to me “What a fun goodie bag. I am not gonna need tampons for like a month.” I brush it off like “Oh, you just told me you were from Maine so yay for tampons you crazy! Who the heck cares about tampons?” I smiled at her and told her I hadn’t checked out my goodie bag. PS, I am f*cked if my “inner voice” ever becomes my “outer voice”.

I leave and walk over to the green line and head toward North Station. Since I have several stops, I decide that I’d go through my goodie bag. Usually it’s hair care, nail care, beauty products so I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Now, this is a somewhat packed train. I was lucky enough to grab a seat but there are several people standing over me.

What’s the first thing I whip out? An entire box of tampons! Do you think I could get it back in the bag? No! When I pulled that box, everything in the bag toppled in so I couldn’t get it back in without it being blatantly obvious while hanging out the top. Now, I am on the T, flailing a box of tampons around like an idiot and everyone is looking at me. Hey, they could even have tweeted about it. Who knows?!

I see there is a book inside. I grab the book, throw the box of tampons in my goodie bag throw the book on top. I notice the cover. It’s the SAME book as I got in my goodie bag last time. NOW, not only am I disappointed with my tampons, I am disappointed in the book too. Bummed! Not only was I bummed out about the first two items I saw, I had to wait until I got home to find out what the rest of my things were.

So, Note to self: Don’t open packages on the train in which you have no idea what could come out of it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To Put it in Your Mouth or Not?

The other day, my train friends and I sat at the end cap where several seats face each other. We continued our conversation and others joined in. One guy in particular who joined in looked like a construction worker with his lunch box and his hard hat and a cigarette tucked behind his ear.

When we pulled in to Anderson-Woburn, he looks around and says “What stop is this?” We answered “Anderson-Woburn”

“Ahh, what line is this?” in a more panicked voice.

“Lowell.” We answer.

He starts collecting his things rather frantically and darts off the train. In doing so, his cigarette falls from his ear and onto the ground. We all look at it. He’s gone so we just let it sit there.

He then flies back in the train says “I dropped my cigarette. I’ll need this.” Probably referring to the fact that he now had to wait for a train to get him at Anderson, bring him to North Station and then catch his proper train.

I pondered it for a second. He was going to put that in his mouth. It sat on the floor of the train…in fact not just the floor, the aisle where everyone’s feet had just trampled all over. Everyone who walked the city sidewalks through puddles, poop, dirt, throw up. You name it, someone walked through it.

So, here is my question: Would you put that in your mouth? If it was a Milk Dud or a Junior Mint or an unlicked lolly pop, would you put those in your mouth?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Watch Out For The Drunk Guy

The other day on my way back to the office from the RMV, I hopped on the T at Chinatown. While I was waiting, I noticed a guy in his casual Friday-Cape-Cod-Attire. The train station was pretty vacant so he wasn’t hard to miss as he was one of the few people waiting with me.

The train comes and I hop on. I find a seat and sit down and he sits across from me with a book. Of course I sit down next to a drunk guy who’s half in the wrapper.

“I tink yo’-ah boo-tee-ful.” The drunk says to me.

“What?” I say instinctively.

“I think you’re boo-teee-ful.” He says again.

“Thank you.” I say and try to keep it at that.

“Yo’ hay-ah ish pretty.” He says.

“What?” I say trying to make out his works.

“Your hair ish pretty.” He repeats himself but this time he is reaching out to touch my hair but stops just shy of touching it after I give him a look.

The guy in Cape-Cod Attire is peering over his book.

“Thanks!” I say and return to staring at the floor.

“Way-ah you go to shh-coooool?” he asks.

First of all I’m flatter because I am well beyond college age. At this time we are approaching Down Town Crossing and the guy is situating his stuff to get ready to get off the T. However, the Cape-Cod Attire guy thinks he is coming at me. He slams his book and stands up. The drunk guys slowly stands and holds on to the pole so he doesn’t fall. Guy in Cape Cod Attire sits down.

We stop at DTX and the drunk guy gets off.

“I just don’t know. I didn’t get a good feeling about him.” Cape-Cod- Attire guy says to me.

“Neither did I! I couldn’t understand a word he said.” I reply thankful that he was looking out for me. Especially since I didn’t have my pepper spray since I wasn’t approved because the damn RMV forgot the A in my first name.

Friday, October 4, 2013

I Loathe the RMV!

Oh… the RMV! How I loathe thee! I got married over a year ago. I have been to the RMV nine or so times. You read this correctly. NINE TIMES in that last year to change my name. They made me jump through hoops. They needed a copy of my NEW signature from my bank. Sent me to the bank. Came back, they wanted another document signed and notorized because my vehicle came from New Hampshire and in order not to pay tax, I needed the dealer to OK! it. Came back. Then sent on another wild goose chase for some other cockamamie piece of paper NO ONE HAS! Came back. I wanted to keep my signature because it’s basically a squiggle. That wasn’t good enough. I needed to CHANGE my squiggle.

At this point, I was wondering where the cameras were. Was I on boiling point I mean REALLY!?   I honestly was starting to think that they were just doing this to f*ck with me or have something to talk about during lunch.

The lady takes my picture so that when I came back with my ridiculous paperwork, I could be in and out. In order to take the pictures, she has to store it under my name…which at that time, to them, was my maiden name. I have to sign it and she says to sign my maiden name.

I leave and come back with the documents they want. MEAN WHILE, they haven’t asked for anything the website says to bring. Now that I am back, they want to see all of that. They start plugging things into the system when they realize that my proof of address is not in my NEW name. It’s in my maiden name so that won’t work as proof of address.

I am sent to the bank so they can prove that I live at my house. Since I changed my name there AND my signature, I should be all set. WELL, the bank says that I signed up for e-statements so I have to print them all off myself.  I have a meltdown telling them they have no idea what the RMV is doing to me. They print off my documents and notarize them for good measure.

I go back. They have me read the little eye exam thing, I fail! That’s when I lose it “Are you F*CKING KIDDING ME?!” I scream. Everyone looks at me. She whispers “Just promise me you’ll go get glasses.” I agree and she prints my ID.

My husband, thankfully had been with me throughout most of this. I walk out and he’s like “Let’s see this new ID” He looks at it. IT’S MY MAIDEN NAME!!!!!!!!!

I march back in there and cut the line. The lady reprints my ID.

Months later I get a call. They didn’t register my car properly and until I go and fix the paperwork, the bank that holds the loan on my car could take it away from me.

I leave work and march to the RMV. The RMV looks up the info and tells me that whomever called me was scamming me into signing my car over to them by giving me a false address. (OK! They did their job that day!)
Months later, I apply for a pepper spray permit. I go to the police station and fill out all the paper work and do the finger prints. It should have been processed by the end of September. I call the first day of October to see the progress and am informed that the name I filled my paperwork out with and the name on the registry aren’t matching. The RMV left off the A in my first name! How did I not notice this? Well, because I was focusing on the last name and not the first.

I had to march on in there today and get it squared away. I waited 2 hours just to be seen! FOR THEIR MISTAKE!

I went to the RMV by my office. When I finally got to the counter, I was told that I really should have gone to the RMV where the mistake was made. I plead with her and she finally gives in. She fixes my ID and now I have a snazzy black and white temp again and have to wait for my new plastic one to arrive in the mail.

I am really glad this is squared away and really hope I never ever have to go back there!!!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Complaints of a Commuter Girl

This morning, I board the train and select a seat. I sit down and get situated on an aisle seat. I look up to see a woman knitting on one of the end cap seats facing me. She is wearing a skirt and her legs are spread eagle. What the heck lady! Close your legs. I don’t care if that is where your yarns path is, close ‘em up! I don’t care if you have tights on either. PLUS, it’s going to be almost 80 today. Who the heck wears tights on a day that’s going to be so nice out? I sure as hell didn’t. I am not wasting a tights day on today. I hate those things!!

Next, let’s talk about that smell…you know that smell, when all the winter sweaters come out from storage. MOTH BALLS! COME ON! Wash your damn clothes before you wear them after they come out of storage. NO ONE likes the smell of moth balls and now it’s near me on the train for my entire commute. BLECH! Gross!

Next, smokers. Jesus! You don’t smell pleasant! I don’t know how you sit with yourself all day. This guy that no-word-of-a-lie smells like a damn ash tray likes to sit near me. I try VERY hard to steer clear from him but somehow or another, he sits near me way too often. Carry some Febreze in your bag and a compact bottle of Listerine. PS, it’s 7 in the morning. How on earth do you already smell like an ash tray?

So, what did we learn today? Let’s recap:

·         Close your damn legs.
·         Don’t wear tights/nylons on days that will reach 80.
·         Wash your clothes after they have spent half a year with moth balls.
·         If you chose to smell like an ashtray, spray yourself with Febreze and swish with Listerine.

It’s very easy people. VERY EASY!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Keep Your Damn Germs to Yourself!

Soooo, this morning, I sit down on the train and open my book. I am reading all nice and quiet when this woman behind me starts hacking up her lung. I mean big, juicy, flemmy, nastiness. I mean gross! I can’t even concentrate on my book. All I can envision is her gross nasty spray settling on my hair. Is there antibacterial spray for hair? If so, I need it. All I want to do is take a shower. I can feel the bronchitis/pneumonia settling in and making its home in my lungs right now. Every year around this time I get pneumonia on top of bronchitis on top of asthma. It’s lovely really! I get to feel like I am dying and can’t breathe. It’s getting to the point where I got to the Dr.’s office and say “It’s like last year. Give me a steroid inhaler, codeine and some antibiotics.” They sign the script and I am off to CVS in fifteen minutes flat. However, if people didn’t cough all over me and spew their nasty flem cough on me, this wouldn’t happen.

Keep your germs to yourself people! I don’t want them! Mark my words. I’m getting sick soon. Mark my words! GRRRRRRRRRRR!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Falls on the Tracks

This is truly remarkable! This is at North Station where I go every day. Where this guy falls, is where I stand to wait. I only hope that if anything like this happened to me, that the people around me would act the same way. This restores some of my faith in human kind!

Friday, September 20, 2013

I am a Fighter Pilot Today

Picture Courtesy of LibertyLadyBook

Today, because the train pulled into the station and stopped at a different point, I landed myself in a different car. I find an empty seat and sit down. It happens to be four empty seats all to myself. Two, two seaters facing each other. The train pulls in to Anderson-Woburn and a guy wearing his ear buds under his shirt and sprouting out of his collar sits down. He is blasting rock music and all I can hear is angry metal. I continue reading my book with little attention to him.

We then get a couple stops further and this older gentleman gets on the train. He asks to sit with us. He looks at me and says “You look like a fighter pilot today. Ya, know… A Tiger!” I look down at my outfit. I guess I do look like a fighter pilot. I am sporting black and brown riding boots with brass buckles, a khaki skirt and a brown leather jacket with a Sherpa collar. The only thing I was missing was the brown “Elmer Fudd” hat.

I look up and close my book. “I guess I do!” I said to him.

“Ya know, Tigers. John Wayne did a movie about it. It’s a great movie.” He stops and thinks for a second. “Ok, I just dated myself!” he says and laughs.

After this interaction, the guy across from us, hits pause on his angry metal and is listening. From there the conversation goes all over the place. He says to me that people his age are usually retired but he still goes in to work. He says “What am I gonna do? Go to Dunkin Donuts with the rest of the retired people and talk about ‘The Good Old Days’? No, I’m still alive. I am gonna continue living. Continue the adventure. I can’t stop movin’. ” He tells me.

“So, you can’t stop moving. What do you do to keep busy?” I say to him.

“I’m in an eighteen piece swing band.” He tells me.

“What instrument do you play?” I ask. For some reason I feel like I already know the answer.

“I’m a drummer.” He says proudly. “I started playing at church and then my grandmother put me in private lessons because I was good and ever since, I haven’t stopped.”

OK, I did know the answer!! The second he said he just can’t stop moving, I knew it because Drummers just don’t stop moving.

At this point we are pulling into North Station. I am so inspired. This guy is in his late 70’s I am assuming and he just couldn’t stop living, can’t stop moving. He works every day. Takes the train every day and on the weekends is in an eighteen piece swing band. Very cool!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your day started out as nicely as mine did.