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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wake Up Buddy!!

Last night I got caught at the office a little later than usual so I took the next train home. Apparently day light savings time caught up to some people as many fell asleep in their seats. This includes the 300 pound man that sat next to me.

As we roll into my stop, I figure I can just tap him on the shoulder and he’d wake up. Uh, no! Not so lucky! Oh… and did I mention he has noise canceling head phones on so I couldn’t ask him to move. They announce my stop and we come to a halt. People start filing out of the train as I am stuck in my seat which was a three seater with a table on the double decker. I nudge the guy again and he waves me off. What the f*ck buddy? I have to get off the train. GRR!

I contemplate climbing over him but think better of it as I am wearing an adorable plaid jumper and would risk flashing… um no… that wouldn’t be risking, I’d 100% be flashing annnnnd there were two creepy guys sitting on the other side of the table. So, that was out.

I finally “accidentally-on purpose” slam him with my Tumi back pack and his eyes open. I point to the aisle and he finally lets me out. I ran down the aisle just in time to catch the conductor before he put that stairs back up.

Oy Vey! A commuter girls life!

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