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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thoughts of a Delayed MBTA Rider

My thoughts yesterday whilst being stuck on the commuter train for nearly 2 hours:

1.       YES!! I made the 5:30 and they are making ALL STOPS! Yahoo!

2.       Maybe I’ll find a seat if I keep walking.

3.       Oh, everyone is stopping. No worries I’ll just ride in the vestibule where there is a sign that states “PASSENGERS NOT PERMITTED TO RIDE IN VESTIBULE”.

4.       I’ll be safe! They wouldn’t let me ride here if it wasn’t…right? They’d come kick me out.

5.       Oh, 10 other people are cramming into the vestibule with me. I hope they don’t smell…

6.       UGH! That one looks like she would smell.

7.       Oh good, she is going next to the door and cracking the window. OHH and she announces that she’s having a hot flash. Poor lady.

8.       OK, it’s 5:30. We should be moving. Why aren’t we moving?

9.       Switch problem…on the bridge. No problem. I don’t have anywhere to be right now or anything.

10.   You appreciate my patients? Does MBTA really appreciate my patients?

11.   Gross…that artsy lady has a booger hanging out of her nose.

12.   Do I have boogers stuck in my nose? (Selfie check in phone. Damn my hat is cute! OK.. no boogers! I’m safe!)

13.   Still not moving! So glad I didn’t get that end of the day coffee! Coffee goes right through me.

14.   UGH! I really wish I did have that coffee…exhausted from standing with work bag and purse…my poor shoulders.

15.   I just want to rest my head. Think ‘Hot Flash’ will mind if I just rest my head on her. I mean she is leaning on me while hanging out the window.

16.   Never mind…she is sweating. Gross. Don’t want to ruin my cute hat!

17.   Oh we’re moving forward! Yay!

18.   Why do I hear it creaking under my feet? F*cking Vestibule!

19.   Oh wait…now we are going back to the station…what the…

20.   The switch needed to be tested…wait a minute… is that what we just did. Were we the testers? Is that dangerous to do…I AM RIDING IN THE VESTIBULE PEOPLE!

21.   Oh… and we’re moving forward again.

22.   What’s that smell? Is that brake dust? Metal on metal? Are we going to die? How much weight do you think this is carrying?

23.   (Train takes sharp corner and I go flying. Artsy catches me.) “Oh thank you! I nearly fell flat on my face!”  I say to her while thinking- Sh*t, did that booger land on me?

24.   Nope. Booger still there!

25.   Oh here’s my stop! Phew! Ok… vestibule is kind of handy. I don’t need to crowd surf to get off the train. I am right here!

26.   Ok! I survived. I survived!

27.   You deserve a glass of wine...or a bottle….ya....a bottle!

1 comment:

  1. The brake dust is killing me. 7.5 years on this piece of sh1t MBTA commuter rail and my lungs feel congested all the time.