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Thursday, April 30, 2015

You Ruined My Hunters and My Foot!

Last week, it was raining! I did what any city girl would do: Wear her Hunters and Hop on the Subway!

It was the morning. It was a sardine packed train. A large man packed himself in beside me and the T took off. He didn’t have his balance and ended up slamming down on my foot. He apologized and felt awful. My foot was throbbing but I figured I’d just walk it off. I got to work and upon removing my Hunters, I see on the top, a big gash across the one that was holding my boo boo foot! How the heck are they rain boots with a huge gash in them! I mean really!? I started to boil. In fact, I was too mad to even type. I had to cool down.

After removing the gashed Hunter, I inspected my foot. It wasn’t swollen so I figured it was nothing.  I went on with my day in my 4 inch stilettos while trying desperately not to look like I was limping. I reeled in my walking and iced when I could. After a week, I was still feeling pain and still trying not to look like I was limping in my stilettos (I wore flats when I could!)

I went to the Doctor’s office yesterday. The Doctor inspected my foot and grew very concerned. She then sent me to the emergency room down the street for X-Rays because it was either a fracture or a bruised bone.

My results came in. It thankfully was not a fracture. However, it’s severely bruised. She instructed me that I can no longer tough it out in stilettos and have to wear sneakers at work. This is horrifying! A bruise AND sneakers! I also have to ice it when I can and pop extra strength Tylenol like it is candy.

So, thanks Buddy! I know it wasn’t intentional but you SUCK! Not only did you give me a boo boo foot. You ruined my Hunters. Talk about add insult to injury! Lesson learned: Don’t invest money into commuter shoes!

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