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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Parking at the Train Station- Lost My Temper

Let’s use common sense people! Seriously! When you parallel park, you need to look before you abruptly drive out of your space. Just sayin’!

Last night, after getting off the train, I walk to the parking lot and hop in my car just as everyone else that just got off the train did. Since I have a large-a*s automobile and the car in front of me didn’t leave yet, I had to back out of my spot. Ok, let me rephrase that, I eased out of my spot checking a million times for other vehicles and/or pedestrians. I get out of my spot no problem and round the corner. As I am approaching the exit, some a*s-hat decides that he doesn’t have to look before he pulls out of his parallel parking spot. He almost side swipes me with his little sh*t box. Now, in a previous post I mentioned I am not one to lay on my horn because I have to see these people every single day and my vehicle isn’t exactly inconspicuous. Well, let me tell you, I laid on that horn with an “if looks could kill” face.

This kid seems unphased by my horn and keeps going. I, because I have the right of way since I was already DRIVING, didn’t stop! I kinda-sorta just keep on driving while still laying on my horn. Everyone is looking at me because from the driver side, it looks like I am just laying on my horn for my health. No one can see the little plastic roller skate next to me. This idiot decided not to stop. He weasels his way in front of me and then, without looking, pulls into traffic. The car he cuts off stops abruptly and I turn and look at the person. They wave me to go and I go and am on this kids bumper! I see him in his side view mirror with both hands on the wheel and a blank face staring forward. Perhaps he only sees my mean a*s grill on my truck and doesn’t realize that the truck is driven by a little lady dressed head to toe in pink and isn’t going to do anything to him aside from put her trucks grill about an inch away from his plastic bumper. Although, his vehicle is made of 100% plastic so maybe he is afraid my huge chrome grill will crush his plastic car into a million pieces.

He peals out to make another turn into traffic and once again, the person he pulled in front of, waves me to go since they were turning into the street I was pulling out of. I shift through my gears to gain speed, and catch up, letting the RPMs get up to about 4000 in between shifts. I NEVER do that and I am surprising myself. I don’t usually get THIS pissed off about someone almost side swiping me. However, when you are just THAT stupid, I just can’t help it.

When we reach the end of the road, it splits. He crosses into oncoming traffic to go left at the split. Then, without looking he makes another left into oncoming traffic and cuts off a tow truck. That’s it for me. I am done. I am not following that idiot but I think I may have given him a bit of a scare and that’s all that counts.

So people seriously, use your common sense. Don’t you think that if you arrive at a parking lot at the same time as a large amount of people from the train…or a sporting event…or a concert… or whatever, that you should probably check in all directions before pulling out of your parking spot? It’s just a thought people!

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