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Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Hair is Stuck!

This morning, I pile into the T at North Station. It was rainy and nasty and I just didn’t feel like walking. Well, I guess everyone had that same thought too. As I pile in to the sardine packed train, I think I am the last one on. However, this lady decides SHEEEE will be the last one on.

She piles in behind me and says “I am sooo late for work. I am soo sorry!”

“No worries!” I tell her. I mean, we’ve all been in that position before. Late for work and have no choice.

She stands there with her face planted in this guys back while the door closes. It closes just fine and we all adjust ourselves to get more room when she realizes her hair is stuck in the door. I look out the window and there is her beautiful hair flapping in the breeze scraping up against the nasty, dirty, damp concrete on the other side.

She starts pulling her hair and trying to get it inside the train. It’s not budging.

We finally get to Haymarket and the doors release her hair. She breathes a sigh of relief. No one gets off so she gets off, flips herself around and gets back on. This time facing the door so her hair isn’t stuck outside again. The doors close and this time, he face is flat up against the glass. I don’t know what is worse, damp dirty hair or germs crawling all over your face. I mean, you can always wash your face and reapply make up at work, you can’t however, wash your hair in the sink at work but now she has both to contend with.

All I can say is that I am glad I wore my hair in a cute French braid today and didn’t have to face plant the door!

Ahh… good times on rainy days!

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