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Monday, December 15, 2014

Parking Ticket

This has absolutely nothing to do with the train but here is an entertaining delightful neighbor story for you! For those of you that are my Facebook friends…I took matters into my own hands after the parking ticket which was clearly my last straw!

Friday, I wake up to the sound of rain. I thought “Oh wow! It is pouring outside but it seems peaceful.” I close my eyes and then realize “Oh sh*t! That isn’t rain! It is in the condo!” I leap from my bed and see in my bathroom a waterfall coming from my ceiling fan and on to my floor. I frantically grab a bowl from the kitchen and hope that I can contain it. I then grab my cell phone to call the girls upstairs. They ignore my call. I text them. I don’t hear anything. I knock on the door…NOTHING! I hear them making noise up there so I know they are up.

After the water stops, I hear a knock on my door. I answer it and say “Oh! You must have gotten my message.” She is shocked and says she didn’t. I tell her my bathroom is flooded. She takes a look. Doesn’t offer to clean it up and says “Oh, we took a bath together and then I flushed the toilet.” Um, yes…they took a bath together at 6am! She apologized and I said “Is it flooding up there? Do you think the bath over flowed? Anything?” She claims nothing is wrong. Goes upstairs. I’d like to point out that she didn’t offer to help clean it up or see if a plumber could come out and see if it is a pipe internally. Just says “I came down to see if you could move your car so we can get the oil tank out of the basement.”

“I can’t park on the street. I don’t have my resident permit yet.” I tell her. Actually, it was on my to do list for that day because I took the day off to get things done that I normally couldn’t get done because I was at work. She tells me that she called the town and they said it was OK and to just park in front of the house.

I move my vehicle. When I get back inside I go to use the bathroom and I hit the light switch. The electricity in the bathroom fizzles and crackles and fades in and out. I immediately shut the light off. This is not only a plumbing issue; it’s an electrical issue too! I call upstairs because this is a problem from them! They again ignore my call, text and knock! I move my vehicle back to my parking space that blocks the basement. I figure they will have to talk to me if they can’t get what they need done!

Knock on the door finally happens! I tell them that this is a bigger issue than we thought. I state that a plumber needs to be out and an electrician too. I agree to move my car if she makes the call.

After I move my vehicle, I run down to my laundry room to start washing my bathroom mat and towels that got all yucky. When I go in, I realize that someone has broken into it! I look around and notice a drainage tube piped in to my basin. I am fuming at this point! I felt so violated.  I follow the tube and it is connected to their new furnace.

I tell her what happened and she says she had no idea but the plumber would be out at some point today. I wait around the house on my day off and all of my errands take a back burner including my permit!

I get another knock, they are leaving but left their door open so if the plumber needs to go upstairs, he can. While I am waiting for the plumber, I needed to hop in the shower because I was going to a party later on. I ask a friend if I am able to take a shower if I don’t turn the lights on. I get the OK and shower with a flash light and candle. GOOD TIMES!

A few hours later the plumber hasn’t come but the neighbors get home. They head upstairs. A little while later, the plumber gets there. It happens to be the plumber that installed the furnace. He goes in to my bathroom and says it is certainly not anything to do with my bathroom and then checks out the lights and gives me the OK to turn them back on. He then needed to go upstairs. He calls the neighbors, I call them, he knocks, he rings the doorbell…no answer! NOTHING! While we are waiting I take him to the basement and ask about the tube in my laundry room.

“OH ya! Nick opened that up to drain into the basin.” He says.

“Oh Nick did! Does Nick know he was breaking in to my space? That lock on the door didn’t give it away that that is not common space?”

“Umm…wellllll….” He has no idea what to say.

“Did he get permission to go in there because he didn’t get it from me?”

“Ummm….” The guy has no idea what to say!

“Regardless, what is done is done but I am not happy about this! I keep things in here that I don’t want in common space. If there is a lock and you don’t have permission to go in there…Don’t go in there! It’s as simple as that!”

He feels awful and I know he didn’t do it but his company did. He goes back upstairs to try and see if the neighbors will let him in. They don’t and he leaves! AND I am left with no solution and wasted my day at home waiting for a plumber that couldn’t do sh*t for me.

I get ready for a party and try to forget my ridiculous day. I am happy and cute and head to my car. As I am on my way, I see a police car leave and a ticket on my windshield.

I LOSE IT!!! That was the last straw my friends! Bullsh*t she asked the town if I could park out front! I follow the officer to the station. I NEVER do this! I NEVER ask for favors! I walk into the station in tears! Explain my horrible day and show him my phone with my outlook reminder to get my permit today but since I waited for the plumber all day, I couldn’t.

He is kinda irritated at first. Then he totally sees how upset I am…or he thought I was crazy and wanted me to leave. Either way, I didn’t care. He looks up my driving record. He tells me he “will take care of” the ticket. Then he gets a resident parking permit for me. Fills out everything and slides it under the glass to me. I didn’t have my checkbook but I had cash. I asked what I owed him for the permit. “You’ve had a rough day. Don’t worry about it!”

AHH! Finally a break! I left there and was on my way to the party.

PS It’s Monday and still no solution to my plumbing problem. It hasn’t leaked so I am hoping it was just overflow from two people taking a bath together! Let’s hope that’s all that is!

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