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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Custom Fur Hat!

My day was made today. I got off the train at North Station and was walking to the T. This woman in front of me turned around to hold the door for me and as I said “Thank you.” And walked through it, her eyes grew big and fixated on my hat.

“I just love your hat!” she said.

“Thanks!” I said as we walked toward the T.

“Where did you find something like that? It’s exquisite!” she asked.

“I had it custom made because it matched my hair perfectly! The guy is out of western Mass I think.”

Now, let me tell you about this hat. My friend and I went to an art show and saw this guy who made these beautiful hats, vests, jackets. When we were in his booth we saw this beautiful fur that was the same color as my hair! This is rare for me!! I didn’t like the suede the fur was paired with so he offered to custom make one just for me. It cost a pretty penny but it was beyond worth it! I have worn this hat twice in the cold weather. It is soo unbelievably warm that I wear it when it’s absolutely freezing out and I have gotten so many compliments on it in just the two times I have worn it.

“What is his name?” She asks.

I couldn’t remember but he put his tag in my hat so I took the hat off and read it too her. She grabbed a scrap paper from her purse and a pen and wrote down all of his info. She was so excited to look him up and get one down herself.

I just love when fine craftsmanship is recognized! It certainly is a one of a kind piece and he got the recognition he deserved!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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