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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Get Your Junk Out of My Hand!

This morning it was freezing out! I decided to take the T instead of walk to the office…at 16 degrees without even counting the wind chill, I figured that was the best bet. I waited for the T. One train had come and gone and I had been waiting for a bit so when the next train came, I made sure I got on.

I boarded the train and put my bags between my legs while still holding the handles. A man decided to wedge himself on to the train and thrust his junk into my half open hand that was holding my bags handles. This, my friends is shockingly not the first time it happened but it got awkward once I realized I couldn’t move my hand anywhere else and he seemed to be enjoying the fact that his old man balls landed in the palm of my hand. GEEZ! What a delightful Tuesday morning! OY VEY Buddy!

Once we got to Haymarket, I was able to get off the train away from this creep and get back on in a spot that wasn’t remotely close to him. Although, once I got to State Street, he was blocking the door and couldn’t seem to get out of my way until the person behind me pushed me into him…thankfully into his back and not his junk again!

He moved out of the way and I escaped and was on my way to the office. Maybe I should have just sucked it up and walked. HMM!!

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