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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another Injury

This year, the MBTA and commuting is just beating me up! Yesterday, I get out my card and scan it at the gates to get into the T at North Station. The gates open for me to pass through. I am not dilly dallying (And I have just become my mom… dilly dally… oh boy). I am actually hustling as fast as I can because there is a huge line behind me. As I walk through the open gates, they close on me. I bruise easily so I think to myself “That’ll leave a mark.”

I totally forget about it until this morning when I am getting ready and notice a blood blister on my shoulder that is the size of a dime where the gate hit me- slash- closed on me. A blood blister… not a bruise…not a mark…a blister. Luckily the outfit I chose today has capped sleeves and I can deal with this mess later but I’m not happy. My train commutes need to stop beating me!

That is all!

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