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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

You Love Me? Um...No!

As I approached the train station this evening,  I am checking in with my mom to see how her day went. I tell her I am entering the station and she lets me go. I am about to walk through the doors and the man in front of me makes a huge effort to hold the door for me and doesn't realize I am on the phone. He says "Let me get that for you!" As I am saying "I love you." To my mom.

He lights up and says cheerfully "You do?"

As I haven't had the best day ever I don't even try to let the poor guy down easy. I just give him this glare that reads "WTF?" While saying "Umm....NO!"

The poor guy walked away deflated and sad but really...who goes around telling strangers they love them? Not me my friend! Not me!

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