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Friday, September 11, 2015

Crazy Phone Guy- Can't Find My Phone!

Last night on my way home on the commuter rail, I see a guy walk by me as he tries to get ahead of the crowd for our stop. As soon as he hits the door he realizes that he has misplaced his phone. Panic sets in on his face. He is toting a huge back pack, a helmet and a reusable grocery bag filled to the brim. He goes running down the aisle as we don’t have much time before he needs to get off. However, whacking people on the head with helmets, bags and groceries doesn’t get you many friends.

People rub their slightly injured arms and heads and look at him like he is the most evil person on the planet. I mean… I guess, I don’t blame them after a long day at the office right?!

Anyway, he gets to where he was sitting. He asks the people in the seat still if they see a phone. They haven’t. He literally has a minute before we are at our stop. He feels down the cracks of the seat and doesn’t feel it. He panics and screams at a girl to get off the seat. He then rips the bench off the seat and holds it in the air with one arm as he frantically scours under it for his phone. He retrieves his phone and holds it in the air like it is some trophy, throws down the bench of the seat not even caring where it lands and leaves the poor girl who stood up to fix the seat situation.

We arrive at our stop and he goes down the aisle once again whacking people in the head…aside from me, he actually stopped and let me out. Quite nice of him considering the fact that I stayed in my seat longer than I usually do to watch him for blog related matters. Oh well… I got up and let him go behind me as I got off the train first to try and beat the rain storm home…which I did!

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