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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Live...From the Train...It's Wednesday Night

This evening I get to the train station to find my train has been delayed by 15 minutes. The train I need to get on keeps dropping off the board but over the loud speaker we are assured it isn't canceled and it's on the way.

Finally, after waiting for what seems like forever in a sea of sheeple, we are able to board. However, since it is so close to the next trains departure, people from that train board as well.

I don't get a seat and now have to stand among the sheeple just trying to get home when the engineer and the conductor decide to have a private chat but it's not so private because they are screaming on the other side of the door from me.

"I bet you don't miss this." the conductor says to the engineer

"Why do you think I got out of ticket collecting and into this? So I'm not embarrassed by this malfunction. This is so f*cking embarrassing. These people just want to go home!"

"F*cking disgrace. Making us wait to pack a few more people on when the next train is literally in a few minutes. "

"This is bullsh*t!"

They then open the door and act like they didn't just have this conversation and smile and check tickets.

I'm standing here still and the guy sitting behind me smells like weed and cheap imposter cologne. It is awful and I want to gag but I have nowhere to move to.

The train just hit a bump and jurked me around sending my hand bag into the stoners head.

Stoner just got up and offered me his seat and now I feel bad for making fun of stoner guys cheap imposter cologne. Oh well... such is life. I get a seat and he is ready to fly off this train the second the doors open.

I guess cheap imposter smell is better than last night. Last night I was across from the bathroom and someone actually used it and ... well... let's just say Ralph Lauren-Hugo-Boss-Tommy-Hilfiger knock off 90's cologne would have been a nice touch yesterday.

Shocking. .. stoner guy got off at Lynn. I'm just sayin'!

Ok... almost to my stop finally. Thanks for reading my live blogcasted rant!

Brought to you by the MBTA, late trains home and awful cologne!

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