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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It’s Only Wednesday!

It is only Wednesday and I just can’t even believe the lack of courtesy on the train…or out and about really.

Monday after work I get on the double decker and I sit down in one of the seats that folds down to sit in. During the winter, I take the first seat I see because you just don’t know if you’ll see another one. I sit next to a man who looks very able bodied. I don’t know for sure if he is but my guess is…he is just fine!

A woman walks on with a stroller and I immediately get up and offer my seat. She insists I sit down and that her friend got them a seat in the car back. They leave. This guy sits there with his ear buds in watching what I’m doing and then buries his head back in his phone.

After the woman walks off, a man with a cast on walks on the train. I give the slug a second to hop up and offer his seat. He doesn’t (therefore in my eyes did not redeem himself). I offer my seat to the guy with the cast and he tells me that he has sat all day and needs to stretch. I tell him to let me know if he changes his mind and needs to sit. The slug next to me sees the man with the cast on and still just sits there.

I don’t know…is it just me? I’m pretty sure you offer your seat to people who have strollers, wheel chairs and casts! Pretty sure it’s just common decency but what do I know?

Then today, I am making it to the train station JUST IN TIME for the train. It came while I was a half a block away so I ran…until some lady who didn’t have the same sense of urgency as me was walking like a snail (no cast! I checked!)! Oh no worries lady… yes… you are out of my way. However, your ugly drug store umbrella is protruding into my path so I have two choices: 1. Stay behind you and hope the conductor sees us and waits or 2. Risk slashing my throat on your drug store umbrella while I try to get by and make the commuter train.

I chose option 1 and thanked the conductor profusely.

Then… I’m not on the train but I’m going to throw this one in for sh*ts and giggles because…well… wait your “muthah f*cki’n” turn buddy!

I get to the bagel shop. I am waiting in a long long line because I’d like a rosemary and olive oil bagel with cream cheese. I finally get to the counter and the woman says “Next in line please.” The guy behind me gives her his order. She grabs his bagel and starts making it. I proclaim that I was next. He says to me “Well, I’m in a hurry!” Um… really as*hat? Aren’t we all? It’s 8:45am!

I look at him baffled that he really just felt that his 9am meeting was more important than where I have to be at 9am. “So am I!” I state and look at the lady. She doesn’t know what to do so she continues making his bagel and asks someone to come make mine. As*hat got his way and I got my bagel maybe a minute after him. So really buddy, your smug a*s cut the line for 1 minute. Good job at succeeding at looking like a jerk in front of a long long line of people for 1 minute. I hope you got to where you were going thaaaat much faster!

OK… done ranting! It’s only Wednesday! Oy Vey!

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