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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Online Dating & Emotional Cheating

A few months back I tried the online dating thing. There are some weirdo’s out there…and today I encountered one of them! I took my profile down because I had had enough of 200 messages a day, marriage proposals from strangers, harassment from STRANGERS that think that 50 Shades of online dating was what I wanted, and messages from married couples asking me if I’d date them …the list goes on. There was a guy that stood out to me that I thought was really nice. He was tall and a redhead! I mean…the red hair alone stands out and we’d chatted online every day for a bit. Suddenly he didn’t return my message (and since I’m not crazy and don’t chase people, and the ball was in his court, I didn’t message again. I let it go!)

Today, a few months after that last message, I’m getting on the train and I notice this tall redhead with glasses sitting in a seat with an empty seat beside him. I immediately recognize him AS I’m sitting down…like mid-sit. I try to play it cool and then I look down and see HE HAS A WEDDING RING ON!! A WEDDING RING!! I look at him dead in the eyes with my “You’re a f*ckface” death look. My butt doesn’t even touch the seat and I get up and find another seat…which I almost immediately regret because there weren’t many seats and I had to go a ways down to get one…but FINE… the further away from him the better.

So, here is my question…technically he didn’t cheat. Maybe it’s called emotional cheating! Is it fair for him to A. emotionally cheat on his wife by claiming he is single on an online dating site and B. Waste a woman’s time who truly wants a relationship and chatted with him for clearly… NOTHING?!?

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