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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Haste Makes Waste

To further my point as to why you don't run or don't try to beat the train, I myself expeienced this one. I'm running my ticket through the card reader at State when I hear that the train towards Oak Grove is arriving. I decide not to put my card back in my wallet and run for the train.I make it and am very proud of myself right now. I spot a seat which never happens. I take a seat and try to one handedly put my card back in my card case. My soda is in the other hand so this is tricky. The train takes off and my cards go flying! I panic and throw my soda between my legs as there are no cups holders on the T. I'm pretty sure everyone sitting across from me saw my under garments. I furiously collect my cards hoping I have them all. I am also hoping no one tries to "help" me. I make sure that I have my train pass, my I.D. and my capital one gold card because I know life will stop if I don't have those. I sit back on the seat and verify that I have each and every card bfore I get off the T. I did all this in hopes of catching the 510 train home. Wouldn't ya know, I miss the 510 by one minute.              

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