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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missed My Train! But the Bright Side is, I Didn't Die!

This morning I missed my train! Not because I was late, because it was early! I parked, paid for parking, walked up the hill and the train was already coming in to the train station. I had to heed my own advice and not run or cross in front of it. It was so aggravating watching it pull into the station and block me and then I have to watch everyone board on the other side while I was stuck on the side of the train that wasn’t opening its doors. Because the train was early, it didn’t leave right away, it left on time. So, after everyone boarded, they waited! THANKS for waiting! You made it so that I was stuck on the wrong side and now I have to look at the train I need to be on even longer than I have to and fester while I can’t do anything about it. I contemplated crawling under the train on the rubber crossing. There is about a 3 foot gap between the ground and the bottom of the train. I sooo could have done it BUT then I thought “What if I am under there and the train starts to go? Now you’re just being an idiot!” The train finally left the station and I could cross. The next train wasn’t for another 35 minutes.

Why couldn’t they have stopped 50 feet back and let the people cross before pulling in to the train station early and blocking the people who were there on time from getting on the train? Huh? Maybe next time Mr. Train Engineer, you should do that!

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