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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day

I woke up this morning with great anticipation! I was finally going to vote for who I want for the next four years. I got dressed for work, brewed my coffee and was out the door to go wait in line. This morning was quite the turn out at the polls making me hopeful that the outcome of this election is a great one. 

Many went before work today to cast their ballots and make sure they got theirs in! As I showed up for the train at 9:23, I figured I'd be one of the few stragglers to go in to the city but I was wrong. I was there with a slew of people with "I Voted" stickers on their jackets heading to Boston.

All day I have been anxiously awaiting the results and for dinner, I will be having Champagne. I know I will not know the outcome but I figure it's an early celebration or an early drowning of the sorrows. Cheers!

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