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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Deep Breath!

This morning on my way to work, I pile on to a packed train at North Station. We go one stop to Haymarket and one person gets off. Only one! There are four people waiting to get on. One gets on, two scramble to find another door they can get in and another just panics and runs from door to door but can’t get on anywhere. There is an MBTA officer standing at our door. I assumed he’d tell the guy to wait for the next train but instead he tells an already sardine packed train to “Take a deep breath!” Of course I do it. I don’t hear anyone else doing it. Everyone else is staring at the MBTA office like he is crazy. I take my deep breath in and I feel the MBTA officer push us in to the middle and this guy has Juuuust enough room to get on the T! It’s a good thing I only had one stop to go since I was stuck in my “deep breath” position. Lesson learned, no matter how “autopilot” I may be on, don’t take a deep breath so more people can get on the train. If they can’t fit while I’m standing as my normal self, they just aren’t fittin’!

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