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Monday, April 1, 2013

UPDATE- I Was That A*shole

So, a couple months ago, I was that a*shole that spilled her coffee on the train. Click Here to refresh your memory.

Now that you are refreshed on the topic, I get on the train this morning and take my seat. I see Video iPad Guy a few seats in front of me and I don't think much of it because his head is buried in his iPad once again so he is preoccupad-o and not worrying about me and my coffee. I get off the train and hop on the T to State St. and don't think anything of it again. I get off at State, walk to my building and head in side. I head through the gates with my trusty key badge to my elevator bank, punch in my floor on the key pad and a letter flashes directing me to my elevator. I love this system because it doesn't allow more than three floor stops per elevator ride! Pretty sweet in the morning and afternoons. Moving on...I hop in the elevator on the flat screen side for better viewing. I swear, I get most of my news from the elevator scrolling screen. I wait for others to be directed on. One guy gets on and stands next to me. I think the doors are going to close but one more floor appears in the que and in walks Video iPad Guy! I go to open my mouth to ask him how his peacoat is doing but instead he turns up his iPad and I can hear some form of bass coming from his ear buds.

So, now instead of small talk, there is that awkward elevator silence. The elevator stops and I am hoping that Video iPad Guy is the one getting off but there is no such luck! It's the guy next to me getting off instead. Once the doors close, Video iPad Guy scooches up to the doors. And scooches some more until... this is for real and my jaw dropped...his nose is touching the door! Awkward! Awkward! Awkward! I am rolling my eyes now because A.) I can and B.) he can't see me with his nose plastered to the door!

The elevator stops and the doors open, he practically jumps off the elevator and runs toward his office's front door. The elevator doors close again. I can see his breath fog on the brass doors. Gross! I go up a few more floors where the doors finally open for me and I am off and ready to go to work... and because of all this, I miss my morning news brief. Happy Monday folks!

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