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Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter Snow Storm Fun!

This morning, the roads were slick. I was stuck behind an SUV that was all over the road going 15 MPH. I guess not all SUV’s are created equally because the only reason why I was sliding all over was from slamming on my brakes to back off from this guy who clearly didn’t know how to use his 4WD. Had I been able to go a steady speed, I wouldn’t have had any trouble.

Anyway, after being stuck behind this guy, I wasn’t sure if I’d make the train on time. I got to the train station and the parking lot hadn’t even been plowed! I parked in what I thought was my usual spot and tried to clear off the snow behind my truck so that I could see if I had indeed parked in my usual spot. When I pushed away the snow, all I saw was pavement. The numbers were somewhere under there but I knew I didn’t have time to investigate further. I took a guess at my number and paid the honor box. I hope I am correct because I would be irritated if I came back to find a ticket on my vehicle! I wish I had a post it with me so that I could have stuck it to the money with the make and color of my vehicle but, I was in a hurry of course and while I was at the box, I saw the Boston train approaching. I wasn’t going to push my luck but when I got to the cross walk to get over the tracks, the train was plenty far out for me to cross! Success! I made the train on time in this nasty storm. The train was empty and I had an entire seat to myself the whole way in! It was great! Now, let’s just hope I don’t get a ticket!!

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