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Thursday, February 28, 2013

We Saw a Mouse!

Oh you know, it's just a normal day. I'm talking with my friend after we get through the gates at the T. We round the corner and are walking down the stairs when all of a sudden we get to the bottom and there is a dead mouse who has fallen victim to foot traffic road kill! He is smack dab in the middle of the stairwell at the bottom sprawled out for everyone to see. I threw my hand out "WATCH OUT!" I scream to my friend. She just screams and then I scream. We do the "Oh-My-God-It's-A-Mouse-Dance". Ya know, the one every woman does when she comes across one of these furry little beasts. Our arms flailing about and our legs going up and down like we are training for football doing the tire running strength exercise,  even though we know he is already dead.

Luckily we saw him and if we didn't, we had rain boots on so it wouldn't have been a huge deal if we didn't.  We could just jump in a puddle and wash off his poor little guts. However, other girls wear ballerina flats during their commute and it's not so easy to avoid mouse guts on your feet and rinsing off is just not an option. Transit police, surprise surprise, were no where in sight so we couldn't even let them know so that they could put a cone over him so people know to go around while they figure out how to remove the little critter.

Needless to say, seeing this mousy mouse, didn't sit well with me! It means there are other mice traveling in the station too. I mean, I was aware that they do live there along with god forbid, rats!! However, seeing him in plain sight was obviously not the highlight of my commuting experience.

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