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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mothball Etiquette

Let's start by saying I despise  mothballs and it’s that time of year when people are taking clothing out of storage for the new season. PS…why are people still storing clothing between seasons…build a bigger closet! That’s what I did. Voila… no more storage issues. No more mothballs. However, if you aren’t building yourself a bigger closet here are a few pointers so I don’t have to sit next to your smelly a*s on the train! (Can you tell my coffee was nonexistent this morning?)  Not to mention mothballs are poisonous and I don’t need to be touching that!

·         Put your clothes in RubberMaid Tubs.

·         Put your clothes in garment bags

·         Use Cedar Chips

·         Use Sachet’s. Lavender is nice!

If you MUST use mothballs…do us all a favor and wash your clothes like…five (hundred) times before they resurface for the season! Please…and thank you!

That is all!

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