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Friday, December 4, 2015

Patience is a Virtue

Patience served me well yesterday on my trek in to the city. I got to the train and noticed a lot of people on the platform. No biggie though, usually there are plenty of people on the platform and we all get on. Well, the train rolls in and it is packed. It was already standing room only. I get on the train and can only find space in the vestibule. Ya know… that space between train cars where you’re not allowed to stand but in extenuating circumstances when it’s already dangerous, you can stand their anyways because…why not just add a little more excitement to your commute in the morning when you haven’t had your coffee yet…Ya… that space!

One guy decides he is going to get off and wait for the next train after we find out that the Express Train never showed up and that was the reason behind the sardine packed train. I glance at my phone and see that there aren’t any notifications for the next train. I look at the clock. If I wait 8 minutes, I can get on a train and maybe have a seat.

I follow the guy and we stand on the platform and hope that the next train actually shows up. 6 minutes later (2 minutes early) the train arrives and we board. Hardly anyone is on the train. I get a seat all to myself. I get to read my magazine and sip my delightful hot beverage all by myself on an almost empty train. That beats the vestibule any day!

Happy Friday!

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