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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Left my Shopping Bag on the Train

It happened. I’ve been coming in and out of the city for 5 years and have always worried about leaving my nondaily items behind because I’m such a habitual person that I’d grab my work bag and purse and take off. So, I always… always… put my shopping bag on my lap. Well, yesterday I didn’t have room to do it so I put my shopping bag at my feet.

We arrive at my stop and I hop out into the aisle and walk almost to the exit when this woman screams after me that I forgot my bag. I had to walk back, hold up the line and retrieve my bag. I’m glad she was looking out for me though because I wouldn’t have realized I left it behind until I needed it… which would have been Mother’s Day when I would have been looking for it to wrap it.

I’m one of those people that when I see something someone will like, I buy it for the next holiday instead of last minute craziness. It works to my advantage…most of the time… when I remember to take them off the stinkin’ train!
Thanks to this lady, I have my present and she's restored my faith in my fellow train people that good people are out there!

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