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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Omg! I forgot what it was like to take the T since it has been a while since I took it during rush hour.

It all began when I am about to leave my office but the phone rings and this person wants to gab. I don't mind gabbing but not when I am trying to catch my train.  I literally walk out the door 2 minutes late and my commute home is blown.

Instead of running in this horrible air quality that I was advised to stay away from and stay in doors, I opt for the T and hope for the best.  This usually gets me to north station a little quicker but such luck. I wait for 7 minutes which is the time on the screen that it should take to arrive. Oh but guess what. .. 7 minutes turns in to 10. On top of that, people are now piling up on the platform.

The T arrives and it is packed.  A few get off and I am in the front of the pack that is trying to board.  From behind,  I am shoved into the doorway. I have no where to go but into people.  I tell the girl that I am now shoving (chain reaction) that I am soo sorry and that it is coming from behind. Seriously! What is wrong with people? We are in Boston not Japan. This is not acceptable here!!

I finally am on and situated and not pushing anyone over. We start and stop again at Haymarket. Guess what? Someone behind me needs to get off so i get off to let them off. When I got to get back on, I am shoved once again!! Seriously? I get that you have places to go but what gives you the right to shove me into people? I am not weak by any imagination but I am weak compared to the 250 person behind me trying to get on!!

Finally the guard steps in and tells him he needs to stay behind the yellow line.She didn't say 'Stop body slamming this lady.' Nope... stand behind the line. Whatever. He finally let up and the doors closed.

I am now on the 540 train home. 25 minutes after the train I usually get but whatever. .. I made it to the train unharmed  (I think...I bruise easily so tomorrow won't be a surprise if I have some bruise on the back of my leg...we shall see). And did youdo the math?  I left work 2 minutes late and am now 25 plus minutes behind.

It's almost Friday people. ALMOST! !!!

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