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Monday, July 11, 2016

Or Are You Too Stupid?

This morning I decided to take the T? Why? Because I wore shoes that I thought would be comfy on my errands on Saturday and instead of being comfy, they gave me blisters so I’m trying to eliminate walking at great lengths until my poor feet are no longer on the mend.

I wait at North Station and when the train arrives, I get on and there is a gap down the side that no one in filling in. I don’t say anything as I am not affected. It turns out to be a nonissue. That is, until we get to Haymarket.

The doors open and no one gets off but people need to get on. One guy tries to get on and he fits but his back pack doesn’t. One guy yells “Can you move down? Why are we not moving down?” The girl responsible for initiating the move down, who does not have anything interfering with her hearing does absolutely nothing but look at her feet.

The poor guy gets off the train and tries another door. He ends up not being able to get on the train which angers a woman by the door that witnessed this poor guy having to wait because no one moved down.  “HEY! Can you move down or are you TOO STUPID to get that you have to move down to let people on?”

The girl responsible for filling in the gap again just stands there and someone nudges her as the angered woman yells some more “THAT’S IT! SHE IS TOO STUPID!!!”

The girl now gets it and moves down as she apologizes in perfect English. At first I was wondering if she was either not understanding English or deaf but I guess she was just in a morning daze.  This happens when… after the doors close and it’s too late for this poor guy on the platform to get on.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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