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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

And the Bad Day Continues

Oh, and the bad day continues. Well, it didn’t technically continue but the effects from that day carried over into another day. So, maybe it did continue…

Yesterday, I had my fire safety certificate inspection in the morning since I am selling my home. I had to wait at the house and therefore take a later train in.

The fire department came and checked out all 50 million detectors needed in my home. The alarms went off just fine and the dog freaked out the entire time. At the very end, the department needed a hammer and screw driver. I came out with a flat head that I had lying around in a drawer. Well, they needed a Philips. Then I remembered, I have a tool set of my very own and it’s a good thing I didn’t put it in storage. I ran to the garage, grabbed my pink tool set and came back up. They laughed at me but hey… it got the job done right? Much better than using my stiletto as a hammer…which I may or may not have done before.

Anyway, they leave at 10am and I have just enough time to make it to the train station for the 10:23am train. I pull in one parking lot. It’s totally full so I head to the next one. THAT one is totally full too so I say “Screw it! I’ll invent a spot!”

I invent my spot and tell myself I’ll just have to pay the $10 fine when I get back. THEN it dawned on me If it happens again, we’ll tow you. That’s $100.” F*CK! I put my keys back in my ignition and thank my lucky stars I remembered that because I would have LOST IT if I came back and my car was gone!

I try to figure out what parking lot has ample parking and start driving towards it. I hoped I’d catch that same train just a little further down the line. I get off the highway at Anderson Woburn and am SO close I can taste it and just before I go to pay to park, the train comes and goes! It is an hour until the next train comes. I decide I don’t want to sit for an hour so I drive by the parking attendant booth and leave. My options are Target (I avoid that store like the plague! Too many obnoxious kids!), PetSmart (If I buy anything in there for the dog, I will only have to move it.), Petco (Same problem-o) Bob’s Furniture (Ding Ding Ding).

I stop at Bob’s. I am generally NOT a fan of Bob’s as it is discount furniture and I don’t do chincy cheap stuff. It’s about quality! BUT I look around for ideas for my new place. I am surprised at what I see. There is a cute bar I like and a nice fold out couch with a “Bob O Pedic” for my guest room… just the word “Bob O Pedic” makes me cringe. I see a cute chair and ottoman for my living room too. This is hard because it all LOOKS good but will it last? The nice lady is trying to get me to buy them that day. I tell her that I can’t purchase anything right now as I am being watched like a hawk by my mortgage company while I try to buy the place so once I can spend my own money, I’ll be back. Plus, I didn’t have that much time, I had to go back to catch the train.

Silver lining… I missed my train and had to drive to Woburn and miss my train again…but I got to get some cute ideas for my new place. It’s up to me though to figure out if it’s worth the gamble of buying at Bob’s!  

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