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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'll Smoosh You!

So, last night while getting off at my new train stop, the door from the new double decker wasn’t latching open so as we walked through, we each had to hold the door open for ourselves. As I walked through, I got ready to pass off the door to the girl behind me. She just kept walking through as if I should hold the door for her. UM, NO! That is not how this works. I let go of the door and it smacked into her pretty hard. I thought to myself “Woopsy B*tch! Pay attention and hold the damn door for yourself.” BUT I didn’t say that. I just turned around, shrugged and smiled. Now she knows for next time…

Quick Recap:

·         Grab the door if it’s not latched open while you walk through it otherwise some b*tch (me) will slam it shut and smoosh you!


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