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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mea and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days

Two… Yup TWO consecutive horrible days. It all started when I went to the Social Security Office to get my maiden name back. I had all my paperwork ready and was going to catch a later train in. I wait in the waiting room with two thugs sitting next to me talking about how easy it is to steal parts off cars! I cringed the entire time I was there and hoped that they don’t need any Jeep Wrangler parts since I am most likely going to still be in the waiting room when they leave.

I am finally called and the clerk tells me that I have the wrong paper and that a box needed to be checked and that I have to go BACK to court because something must have gotten lost in the shuffle and the paper I needed with the box that I needed checked wasn’t there. I was heartbroken.

I call the court to see what they can do for me. I had to go in…but she takes lunch from 1pm to 2pm so don’t come then.

I head to the train station to catch the 11:23pm train in to the city. If it’s on time, I can make it before 1pm. I get to the parking lot and there aren’t any spots. I park in one that is just barely a spot. I also decided I don’t want to lug my work bag around with me so I grab my book and a snack out of my bag and leave it in the car.

I head to the platform to eat my snack. I am flustered and you can probably see the pain in my eyes. There is a homeless guy sleeping on the bench so I lean on the cement wall and eat my snack. The homeless guy wakes up and immediately starts talking to me. I don’t know why they all talk to me but they do. We start talking about food and he reminisces about his child hood in the Bronx.

As we are talking, I open up my liter of Seltzer. Yes, I have 1 liter of Seltzer. I like to stay hydrated. He stops me before I take a sip “You haven’t had any yet right?” I shake my head no. “Can you pour some into my cup please?” So, of course I did. It kind of caught me off guard a bit but why not give him some… I had an entire liter!

As the train pulled up he said to me “Ya know, I bet the worst you isn’t even bad.” It’s an odd statement but it stuck with me.

While on the train, it decides to die on the tracks! While we are dead on the tracks, my realtor calls and says that the seller of the house I am moving in to would like to extend the closing date. My heart sank some more. GREAT! Now, I can extend MY “homelessness” while I am in between houses. Although, my “homelessness” involves staying at my dad’s lake house with a boat and a hot tub so, I mean… I shouldn’t be complaining but still, having no “home”  and living out of a suit case really stinks.

I get into North Station and am waiting for the Green line while cursing the Commuter Rail for being an entire half hour late. I realize there is no way I am making it to the court house by 1pm. I head to work on the Orange line to wrap up a few things and then head over to the court house later.

The woman at the court house was harsh and there I was, in court, fighting for a name I never wanted to give up. She finally says something that struck a nerve. I don’t even remember what she said but I have held myself together this entire time and now, standing in court I get all teary. The second I have tears in my eyes, the lady changes her tone and offers me jelly beans and a tissue. I accept the tissue.  As I do I hear in my head “Ya know, I bet the worst you isn’t even bad.”

I leave court and take myself shopping. Retail therapy! AHH! Even if I am only looking at washers and driers for my new place…it was still helpful. (Then I made my way from Sears into the Galleria and found a cute top to go with a new pair of shorts that I got…Making an outfit that is SUPER perfect for a day time date!)

After shopping I manage to catch an early train home and meet up with my friend on the train. My day is getting better…until…

I get to the train station, back to my car and I have a ticket! A f*cking ticket! I grab the envelope off the windshield and stomp my little high healed feet in to the station (No commuter shoes that day. I wanted to look good while in court!)

The guy is in there and I ask him “What’s this?! To refresh your memory, I have the Wrangler!” He says “Oh, your tire was in a tow zone. That’s a $10 fine. If it happens again, we’ll tow you. That’s $100.” My reply was “Well, if the guy next to me didn’t take up one and a half spaces, I wouldn’t be in the tow zone.” He shrugs. I grab a $10 bill from my purse and throw that and the envelope at him. I again hear in my head “Ya know, I bet the worst you isn’t even bad.” But realize that I probably shouldn’t throw things at strangers…although it was only paper and doesn’t hurt so whatever.

I go home and relax and play outside with my dog. I figure things can’t possibly get worse.

The next morning, the commute in was nice. My friend got the same train as me and we chit chatted all the way in and the train was on time! Great start to my fresh new day…until…

I get to my desk and have to take a call where I am blown away at the stupidity and selfishness of people! Just… blown… away! I have to leave my desk and hide in our freight elevator bank while I pull myself together…NEVER cry at your office! NEVER!! So, while I sat in the freight elevator bank, where I know, no one from my office will enter, I  try to grasp what the f*ck is wrong with people? I heard the man again in my head “Ya know, I bet the worst you isn’t even bad.”

That homeless man I met on the platform will never know and I will never see him again but he got me through my worst two days I have had in a long time because he is right…if this is the worst for me, then that’s not that bad. I know everything will iron itself out eventually and I will be “Mea” again. Things could be much much worse.

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