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Monday, June 2, 2014

Explosion at Haymarket T Stop

 Friday my friend and I got together and were going to walk to North Station. However, it started to sprinkle out and it looked like it could potentially down pour so we decided to catch the T at State.

We board the T and head to the next stop. The doors open, people get off, people get on and then the doors close. We go about 2 feet when we hear a big bang and the train stops dead. The doors fly open and we hear over the loud speaker “Ladies and Gentlemen! We must evacuate the train!” I am nonchalant about this as I have had to evacuate before and it’s usually nothing. However, my friend gets out of the train, looks to her left at the first car and sees smoke and people stampeding their way over to us while screaming. She motions for me to run and I do. She books it up the stairs and someone walking slowly is stuck in front of me. I dart around the girl and she says “What is going on?” I tell her “I don’t know but hurry up!” I don’t think I have ever run up three flights of stairs so fast in my LIIIIIFE! Good thing I had my commuter shoes on!

My friend and I finally make it out of the station and regroup as we walk quickly away from the building. We had absolutely no idea what was going on. All we knew was that there was smoke and people running in all directions screaming. It could have been anything…a bomb, a shooting, a fire… we just kept on going away from the building. We finally got about a block and a half away before we heard the sirens.

When we got to the commuter rail, we tried googling to see if we could find out what it was…nothing was posted yet but I am pretty sure it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was because the T-Alert that I got stated that there were 'minor' delays due to a disabled train at Haymarket but go ahead…ask me if I took the T this morning on my way in to work! Negative! However, on Wednesday when it’s raining, I may change my tune!


  1. Wow. I'm pretty sure I would have done the same. You never know, these days.

  2. Always better to be safe than sorry :)