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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Just Might Choke Someone...and I Saw My Favorite Conductor

A few days ago, I found out that the Middlesex court did not change my name as I wanted and because I had moved out of the county before they were done processing it, they “couldn’t” finish processing it! I was BULL SH*T! They told me it would take four weeks to process; I left the county at exactly the 4 week mark. I called Monday because it had been 6 weeks and guess what, they shredded my application, all forms I left with them and my checks! I was told I had to go REAPPLY at my new county!

So, I do. I go there with all of my paperwork. I go to whip out my check book and as I go to make out the check, I am told that they no longer take personal checks! This is how it goes down:

Court Lady-  “We don’t take personal checks.”

Me- “ Your website states you do.”

Court Lady- “Too many bounced checks. We don’t take ‘em. Get a money order.”

Me- “I have a great credit score and I have never bounced a check. You’re really not going to take a check from me?”

Court Lady- “No! Money Order.”

Me- “Cash?” (Don’t ask me why I had this much cash on me but I did for some reason.)

Court Lady- “No!”

I leave and head to the post office with tears rolling down my face. I have HAD it with Massachusetts and their bull sh*t!

Roll into the post office. This goes down:

Mail Lady- “And who will you make this money order out to?”

Me- “Essex Probate Divorce Court”

Mail Lady-“ Do you need anything else?”

Me- “Yes! Do you have lovey dovey heart stamps? I need a book for my sisters bridal shower invitations!”

Mail Lady- “ OH! The irony!”

Entire line of people behind me laughs…not sure if it was with me or at me!

Head back to the court and walk up to the counter with my paperwork. A different girl is behind the counter. I whip out my check book where I stored my money order for safe keeping and she grabs a stamp and says “If you need to write a check, you can use this stamper for the “to” portion of the check.”

I just about jumped through the glass! I wanted to just choke someone!!! BUT I held it together because that’s what I do and I didn’t want my paperwork getting ‘lost in the shuffle’. I just want my god damned name back!

Anyway, I book it to the train station as I am super late for work as it is. I hop on the 1050-ish train. I am stewing in my seat with anger when all of a sudden, I hear my name! It’s Joe! My favorite conductor! He has one train a day that goes out my way in my new place and it happened to be the one I jumped on! He sat and chatted with me the rest of the ride in. I didn’t mention my day, I just said that with the move I had to update info and he trailed off on a tale that made my day seem minimally bad. It’s always nice to see a familiar face and after chatting with him, I felt much better.

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