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Thursday, July 31, 2014

That Awkward Moment When...

That awkward moment when the balding, 50-something year old man next to you starts crying his eyes out. He leans over and puts his head between his knees. I look over to see if he is ok. I am not sure what to do. Do I ask him if he is ok? Do I just keep quiet so I don’t insult his manhood? All I wanted to do was offer him a tissue and a mint. Don’t ask me why I felt compelled to give him an Altoid but I thought he might want one. Sugar always makes me happy so maybe that’s why I wanted to reach for the tin.

His phone went off. It wasn’t on silent. It was like a bomb sound. I looked at caller ID (Um, how do I not when it’s right there sounding like a bomb and my book totally does not have my interest anymore?) It said “The Office”. He didn’t hit ignore. He just let it ring until it went to voicemail. He then dives back into his knees and starts choking. Ah, HA! I knew I my mints could come in handy. I start ruffling through my bag and he pops up and gives me the meanest look possible. I stop rummaging and burry my head in my book and fake read. FINE buddy! You don’t get a mint and tissues! Not after that look.

I sit and try to now ignore what is going on next to me until I get off. Of course he gets off at my stop!

Holy awkward!

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