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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lost 2 Monthly Passes

So, for all of you monthly pass holders that are on an automatic replenishment system, you will certainly be able to feel for this guy.

The other night, I hop on the train and sit down in a packed train. The conductor comes through and I hear someone say “What do you want me to do? I lost it!” The conductor ignores this and walks by. A little while later he comes back and I hear the guy say to the conductor “Both of ‘em went down the crack! My July and my August!” (August passes just came in the mail) I look over and he flashes his lanyard that is missing the clip.

Everyone from that 3 seater gets up while the conductor tries to locate the passes that fell down the crack of the seat. This turns in to quite a production. Then the guy says “Well, maybe they aren’t down there. Maybe they fell off before I got on the train.” The conductor is pissed “You mean to tell me you aren’t even sure if they are down there?” The guy meekly says “Noooo” The conductor walks away with his hands up and everyone sits back down.

Sucks to be that guy though! It isn’t even August and he lost his August monthly pass that I am sure cost a pretty penny. This is why I keep my passes zipped in separate compartments when I get my new monthly pass and still have a few days left on my other pass.I haven’t lost my pass ever but this would absolutely suck! To replace my pass, I could have purchased two pair of nice shoes instead…and I always need (want) new shoes!!!

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