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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Are You Hitting on my Mom?

Last Friday my mom and I hop on a train into the city to see Bette Midler. She informs me that she hasn’t been on a train since 1978! She and my Aunt Jane went into the city to buy her wedding dress and of course, being the fashionista she is, my Aunt Jane knew all the places to go.

After she is done telling me the story, we find our seats on the double decker. She tells me “This isn’t so bad. I was expecting ratty seats like in the Trading Places movie.”

“If we go one car up or one car down, we will find those ratty seats mom. They still exist.” I tell her.

“Oh! Well, I’m glad you know where to go then.” She says thankful I didn’t throw her into a real commuter train experience and lucked out on the double decker with shiny new purple seats.

The train conductor comes up and asks for tickets. I have mine but we have to buy my moms. As we are paying, he starts hitting on my mom! Yup! The guy was younger than me!

“Round Trip?” he asks.

“No. We are getting picked up after the concert.” Mom says.

“Well, if you happen to be on the train after the concert, you find me ok?” he says with a WINK! “Have fun ladies. Hope to see YOOU later.” He says looking at my mom.

He walks away and she whispers “Are they always this nice?”

“No Mom! He was hitting on you.” I whisper back. “I’m lucky if I get a ‘Thank you’ when I flash my pass.”

“Really? Oh… I still got it! Ya know, my age doesn’t bother me…” she starts trailing off.

“MOM!” I cut her off.

“What? He’s cute!”

“MOM! He’s like my age!”

“OK! But I still got it!” She sits with a smile on her face.

We did end up taking the train back after the concert. It let out just as the train was about to leave so we hopped on instead of wait for our ride. It was much easier on everyone. However, lover boy was not on this train home but mom was still on her Bette Midler high so she didn’t even care.

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