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Monday, June 1, 2015

Bundled Up For June 1st

Attire for June 1st:

·         Winter Jacket

·         Scarf

·         Gloves

·         Heattech Tights from Uniqlo

·         Black Skirt

·         Turtle neck cashmir sweater

·         Knee high socks

·         Hunter Rain Boots*

·         Umbrella

Yes…this was my attire for June 1st! It was a whopping 49 degrees out and down pouring. Oh, and might I mention that while I waited for the train, I was wishing I wore warmer items like…my abominable snowman jacket (AKA hideous down puffy jacket that goes to my knees but keeps me nice and toasty) and a hat** . Why was I wishing I wore warmer items because what I wore should have been sufficient? Oh… that would be because I waited in the pouring, raw, cold rain for an hour and fifteen minutes on the train platform because the train decided to have a signal problem and delay everything! Oh, and during that hour and fifteen minutes of bone chilling fun, an express train swooped on by, therefore spraying us and therefore rendering our umbrellas completely useless.

A train finally pulled in to pick us up and we were all our way to North Station. I got to North Station and hopped on the T toward the office. All I wanted was a nice warm caramel macchiato from the Starbucks in the lobby on my way up to my office but NO! The line was out the door and I had to tell myself no because I was already an hour and a half late for work!

Awesome Job MBTA! Great way to start our Monday!

*Yes the ones ruined by the as*hole foot stomper but I haven’t replaced them yet and wasn’t about to wear winter ones…although I could have! They look fine…just upon close inspection they have a tear and no one is inspecting my feet…at least I hope not and If you are, get over your disgusting foot fetish. Eyes up here buddy…eyes up here!

**Hat not initially worn for fear of ruining hair! My hair did make it to the office unscathed thank you very much! J

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