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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Quiet Car Drama

People take their quiet car pretty seriously! Last night, I ended up in the quiet car. No big deal for me since I like to read and don’t know anyone on the train really. All of a sudden, I hear loud, obnoxious gangster rap. I really don’t care. Compared to the normal train cars, it’s not that bad so I ignore it.  

All of a sudden, a woman a few seats up from me starts yelling in my general directions saying “You are in the quiet car! Turn it down!” The super preppy guy in front of me removes his ear bud and she says it again “Turn it down. You are in the quiet car buddy.” He looks around and is dumbfounded. He is looking for the person this woman is yelling at. He shrugs and puts his ear bud in. The lady yells again. “Turn it down!” She looks so irritated that I am waiting for her to jump over the seat and choke him. He turns around again trying to find the person she is talking to. The woman next to me says “She is talking to YOU! YOU need to turn your music down.” He shrugs and turns it down. I still here it but I don’t care.

What baffles me is A. his ear buds were so loud that people two rows up on the other side of the train could hear it and B. This woman was in the quiet car, yet she is screaming her fool head off to make a point interrupting everyone in the quiet car. Oh…and well! Not my problem. More drama going down in the quiet car than in my usual spot…maybe I just stick to the car ahead of the quiet car from now on.

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