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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Nail Biter Today!

This morning I rushed to the train station. I knew I had just enough time to park, pay and cross the tracks. I park on the outbound side so I need to cross to the inbound side. This has to be very strategic because the outbound train comes just before the inbound train and blocks the cross walk. Sometimes, if the inbound train is early, you get stuck and can’t cross and you miss your train completely.

This morning, I wasn’t the only one with this plan which made me feel better about my decision to park on the outbound side instead of the sure thing on the inbound side (but if I park on the inbound side, it takes that much longer to get home at the end of the day so I press my luck with the outbound side). We all get to the top of the hill and the chime goes off that the outbound train is coming in so we all wait. They let the people off the train and then try to move but they can’t. The train is stuck in front of us. We all look at each other like “Is this really happening?” I look at the amount of people behind me, there are about 30 people waiting and this train is blocking all of us from crossing. The chime is still going off in our ear and we now see the inbound train… AKA our train coming down the track toward the station.

“Are they for real right now?” I hear someone say behind me.
“This isn’t happening!” someone else proclaims.
“This train is seriously stuck right now.” Another says.

I roll my eyes! I should have trusted my instincts this morning and parked on the damn inbound side. What was I thinking pushing my luck?

At the very last second the outbound train finds its steam and moves on out of the way. I look down the train tracks to make sure it’s safe to cross. The chime wasn’t chiming anymore so it was safe for me. I was in the front of the pack. By the time I got to the other side, the chime went off and the people piled on over the cross walk anyways as the train came toward them. They all manage to cross safely and we all make the train! PHEW! I couldn’t have imagined the world of pissed off we would have been in had that outbound train not found it’s steam!

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