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Friday, January 4, 2013

Velcro and Nylons Don’t Go Hand In Hand

So, Happy Friday! Here’s something I learned this morning on the T:

Velcro and nylons do not go hand in hand. Actually, if you want to get down to it, they do go hand in hand. One sticks to the other and that’s the magic of Velcro.

As we pile on the T this morning at North Station, I feel someone pushing behind me so that they can squeeze on the T. This doesn’t alarm me since this happens all the time. I suddenly feel something sticking to me leg. I look down and see this woman’s bag stuck to my leg.

“Is that Velcro?” I ask the woman in a shocked voice. Mainly because…who has Velcro on their bags these days unless you are riding the school bus to first grade?

“Oh my god! I’m sooooo sorry! Oh my god!” she says as she pulls her bag upward as it is still attached to my nylons. “I put it down low so I could squeeze in.” This, to her defense, is what she’s supposed to do. Put the bags low so that more people can squeeze on.

We are so packed in that I can’t even reach down to try and break my nylons free from the Velcro’s grip. She keeps pulling and my nylons keep going with it. I finally get my hand in there to break the nylons and Velcro apart.

“I’m soo sorry!” she says again.

“Don’t worry about it! I have a spare in my desk. No worries.” I say back.

Everyone kinda looks at me disappointed. Were they expecting a cat fight? Every girl knows to keep a spare set of nylons in her desk in case of a snag and this my friends, was a ten inch “snag”! This reminds me, I have to make a pit stop at CVS today because I need a new spare set of nylons in case they come face to face with Velcro again.  

Happy Friday everyone!

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