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Monday, February 11, 2013

I Made It To Work Today!!!

First of all a huge kudos to the MBTA for clearing out the tons and tons of snow to make it possible for the Monday morning commute to happen!

This morning I was weary that I'd even get to work at all! I woke up to a T-Alert stating that the Lowell line had a canceled train due to weather conditions. Luckily for me it was the train before the one I catch. I continued getting ready and was prepared to head to the train station on time because if the cancellations were going to continue, I needed to secure my spot on the platform to insure myself a spot on the train! It wasn't too cold out today so I didn't mind waiting outside.

I got to the train station on time and walked right up to the platform. The train was a little late but I was so impressed that it came, I didn't even care. We got to North Station and I got a T Alert stating that the orange line was experiencing a 10-15 minute delay because of a disabled train. I brushed it off since most of the time, the delay only affects the ones near that train. I get another T Alert that there are 10-15 minute residual delays on the Orange line. I took my chances anyways since walking the narrow sidewalks through, what felt like snow tunnels, didn't seem appealing.

I head down to the Orange line platform. Wait about 5 minutes and the T is packed. Hardly anyone can get on. The next train is set to come in 15 minutes. GREAAAT! We all wait some more. The next train finally comes and it's packed too. A handful of people get on and we all let a blind guy and his companion jump the line because it's not like it would be easy for them to just walk or hop on a different line (which I am glad the people in the front made the decision to let them on because the narrow path ways would have sucked for them). So, we wait and see that the next train is coming in 15 minutes.

OK! Now I get fed up and see the Green line come in. Figure I can take it to Government Center and walk a few extra blocks. Normally, I don't mind walking but today, it started sleeting and the snow tunnel sidewalks were very narrow. Also, the puddles at the end of the sidewalks were looking so deep that you didn't know if you could step in it and skim across it or if you'd be knee deep in slushy mud. Once navigating through the puddles and crossing in cross walks, you get to the other side of the street where people are waiting to cross the other way and since it's so narrow, you get to crawl up on a snow bank in your skirt suit and commuter boots to go around them.

2 hours later, I was at my office safe and sound! We survived the Blizzard of 2013! Go Boston!!

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