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Friday, February 1, 2013

I Was That A*shole This Morning

So, this morning, I was THAT a*shole! I get on the train at my usual spot. I sit in a three seater next to a guy playing video games on his iPad. There is a space in between us giving the two of us plenty of room.

We then, pull into the next stop and someone requests to sit in the middle of us. I, trying to be nice, slide in instead of making the guy actually sit in the middle. I grab my book, back pack and purse and slide over. In the process, I forget I am also holding my coffee and spill it all over the guy who is playing video games on his iPad. The second my cup tips, I realize what is going on! I pull it back up right but the damage was done. I had gotten his Pea Coat with about three tablespoons worth of my coffee! I gasp “Oh my god! I am SO Sorry!!” and start digging in my purse for a napkin. I don’t have one but luckily the guy who asked me to move it, did! The video iPad guy takes the napkin and starts blotting. As he is blotting, the coffee runs off his coat and onto his dress pants! I am horrified. “Can I pay your dry cleaning bill?” I blurt out.

“No, no. It’ll be ok.” Video iPad guy says as he continues to blot.

“But I feel so bad.” I say as I watch him blot.

The guy leans over that’s on the other side of me “What a way to meet someone huh?”

“Oh, I know!” I say and video iPad guy and I let out a little giggle.

“I think I should be all set.” Says video iPad guy as he goes back to playing his video game and turns up his ear buds. I return to my book sheepishly. I have to admit, I wanted to melt right into that seat and I didn’t get much reading done, I just stared at my book and pretended to read. I felt so bad.

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