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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Whiny Kids Shouldn’t Ride the Train

Oh school vacation week. How I wish you’d hurry up and be over (and let’s just point out that I don’t even have kids)!

This morning on the commuter rail, the train was one car short so we were packed in. By the time we got to the second to last stop, people were standing in the aisles. A mom and her two kids got on and were standing in the aisle. There ended up being a seat for the little girl and the little boy starts whining that he “doesn’t wanna stannnnnnnnnnd”. A nice guy got up and offered his seat. The mom thanks the guy and tells the boy to sit down. The boy looks at the seat and realizes he’s got to sit next to a stranger. “I don’t wanna sit nowwwwwwwww” he says.

Dear God, I haven’t yet finished my coffee and THIS is how we start my day? Excellent!

The mom replies “This nice guy just gave you his seat.” The little boy has a solution “You sit and I’ll sit on your lap.” He says.

The mom sits down and the boy continues to stand in the aisle and whine. The mom gently tells him to stop it and that’s when he loses it. He throws himself on the ground and starts kicking a screaming. The poor mom is horrified. She starts whispering in that mom tone you know not to f*ck with “You need to cut it out now.” “Stop it you hear?” the kid continues flailing about on the dirty dirty floor. The mom finally dives in and it looks like she is trying to tame a wild pig and hog tie it as we are pulling in to North Station.

Mean while, everyone wants to look but their eyes are up at the ceiling or glued to a window. The second we start disembarking, the boy seems to be fine and over his issue. He get’s off the train and is skipping along the platform to keep up with his mom because she is high tailing it as fast as she can to get out of dodge where everyone is now looking at her.

I get off the train and chug my coffee as I head toward the T. I may need a second cup after this morning. Have a great day everyone!

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