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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Heat!

This morning when the train came, it blew past us in its attempt to stop on the snowy tracks. I usually hop into the first car but today, I was lined up with the second car. I climb in and took a seat. It is strangely empty. I take off my gloves and my fingers were freezing. The conductor informs us that this car is the only car on the train that doesn't have heat this morning. GREAT! That's why there is no one in this car. He said if we wanted to, we could move to another car and so, I did!

While the train was moving, I got up and proceeded down the aisle. There was a guy in front of me so I figured now was the time to go since I hate opening and closing those heavy doors in between cars! I was about three feet behind this guy. He opens the door for himself and walks through and lets go of the door slamming it shut. I pull on the door and it doesn't budge. I put my full body weight into it and get it open just enough to slip through. This guy is still in the breezeway and I am right behind him. He looks at me, walks through the door and let's go again. I am now in between train cars. This scares me but since there are doors to the outside, I don't have any chance of falling out of the train, I just hate the feeling of being "stuck" out there. I approach the second door and lean into it with all my weight to pull it open. Success! I am in the train car with heat! Now, to find a place to sit since everyone is in there.

I find a three seater with a woman and a newspaper. She has her paper spread out all over the seat. I sit down on the corner of the seat where the newspaper isn't reaching. She glares at me and takes all of the newspaper, folds it up and hastily puts it away. Sorry lady. It doesn't take three seats to read a paper. PS Who reads the paper anymore? I didn't care! I was warm and toasty and as the train moved its way toward North Station, I had to slide in to the middle seat to accommodate another passenger. She huffed and puffed the rest of the way to North Station after I scooted in. Sorry lady, you're not the only one who needs to take public transit. Get over yourself.

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